War Crimes!

The world troika (the United States, France, and the United Kingdom) have launched an immense campaign against Russia, which is accused of war crimes in Syria. This allows them to evade their own crimes in Bilad al-Sham (Syria), especially as these three countries have been the instigators of the conflict ravaging Syria. In fact, this war was organized by the very ones who cry wolf today.

When the opportunity for a humanitarian truce presented itself, the Western trio — which supports the rebellion and the aforesaid “moderate opposition” — did nothing to put pressure on the latter to allow civilians to leave Aleppo. On the contrary, taking advantage of the ceasefire, the rebels and jihadis repositioned themselves, receiving reinforcements and new weapons. Additionally, leaving the rebels alone — preventing civilians from leaving — could be seen as a war crime, even a crime against humanity. In fact, in leaving the extremist rebels to themselves, the international coalition bears responsibility for the degradation of the humanitarian situation in Aleppo.

Washington, Paris, and London closed its eyes to the fact that their protégés (the rebels and their jihadi allies) used civilians like human shields. The silence from the international coalition, and notably from the troika leading it, made them accomplices to the violence committed by the rebels and jihadis against the people of Aleppo. It is indeed the West which thinks that the Nusra Front — at the time, the Syrian branch of al-Qaida — did a “great job” against the Syrian regime, according to France’s ex-minister of foreign affairs, Laurent Fabius.

What must be told is that Westerners in general, and the troika in particular, have never been vigilant with regard to the means and methods of toppling the Syrian regime, even if it means joining forces with the devil. And the devil, as it happens, is the jihadi groups who use prohibited weapons and are responsible for the atrocious crimes in Syria, crimes hidden by silence from the troika, which on the other hand hastened to call on the Syrian regime to take responsibility for said crimes. In this context, at least, it is dangerous (the troika appears to prepare international opinion for an intervention against the Russian army and the Syrian regime), that Russia (accused of war crimes in Syria by the United States, France, and the United Kingdom) published a “White Book” enumerating the war crimes committed in Syria by the international coalition led by the United States, according to Moscow.

This “White Book” was presented Friday on behalf of the chairing state of the United Nations Security Council. The report addresses a summary of war crimes “perpetrated in Syria by the international coalition under the leadership of the United States and by the so-called moderate opposition,” the document indicates. In this “White Book,” Russia reveals certain statistics on the machinations of the international coalition and on its own action in Syria. The document mentions figures on the liberated localities, the eliminated jihadis and the refugees having retaken their homes, thanks to the Russian Army’s intervention. In this “White Book,” Russia underlines the fact that at the moment when Moscow was working toward a political resolution to the conflict, the coalition did not cease to add fuel to the flames, as much by its demands (such as the prerequisite of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s departure) as by aid in multiple forms granted to said “moderate” opposition and its goodwill toward the jihadis, whom they treated like partners. This inordinately extended the conflict and prevented the return of peace and security in Syria.

For more than five years, the troika, which leads the international coalition, hasn’t made a single positive gesture insofar as less dramatic prospects for the Syrian people. This is because Washington, Paris, and London won’t consider any solutions other than those of which they approve because they feel that their interpretation and view of events alone is correct, and that all developments should yield to their concept of peace and global security, peace and security placed surely under their authority. Subsequently, all ideas or programs that aren’t compatible with their wishes are null and void and are rejected. And it is the Syrian people who suffer; it is Syria, the jewel of human civilization, which is destroyed.

It should be noted that the United States and France in particular intervene wholeheartedly in numerous regions throughout the world, particularly in Africa and the Middle East, leaving behind humiliated people and unstructured countries. These are in fact war crimes committed by a pontificating imperialism. Who will judge the United States and the United Kingdom for their war crimes and crimes against humanity in Iraq? Who will judge France for its war crimes in Rwanda? Surely, it’s convenient to play the upholder of laws when countries themselves leave rivers of blood in their wake!

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