The Anti-Russian Truman Doctrine Is Being Pitched to Trump

American politicians are forcing a framework on the president-elect for containing Moscow.

The U.S. establishment is planning to demand that Donald Trump toughen his political stance on Russia. Congressmen from the Democratic Party, as well as highly-placed representatives of security and military services, hope to insist on the adoption of a “containment framework” against Moscow similar to the one approved by President Harry Truman against the USSR.

According to our publication’s informed source in the Republican Party, anti-Russian politicians in the United States are planning to propose a new “containment framework” on Russia to Trump. These kinds of documents are usually adopted in the few months after a new administration begins work.

“The Democrats’ current political elite is attributing all its failures to Russia and attempting to explain all its misfortunes as the result of Moscow’s machinations. This is an old way of thinking which the new administration does not share in any way. Currently, the pro-Democratic elite is planning to propose a ‘containment doctrine’ with regard to Moscow. According to them, the Truman Doctrine is an ideal example of how to deal with the Russian Federation,” our interlocutor said.

According to his information, the main tenets of this doctrine are “containment, a geopolitical blockade and propaganda against Moscow.”

Izvestia has learned that a similar proposition was voiced earlier by former CIA Director Leon Panetta among a small circle of supporters. Speaking at an event at the Ronald Reagan Education Foundation and Institute, he declared that it was necessary to influence Trump as soon as possible. At the time, Panetta noted that a containment policy toward Moscow similar to the Truman Doctrine must be proposed to the president-elect.

Let us recall that the Truman Doctrine is a foreign policy framework proposed by President Harry Truman in 1947. The purpose of that doctrine was to contain the USSR. According to experts, the Truman framework played a great role in escalating the Cold War and contributed to seriously undermining foreign relations during that time period.

According to American political analyst Stephen Ebert, the Democratic Party is behind the new Truman Doctrine and the American military-industrial complex will eagerly support this framework because it will be able to profit from it. He also emphasized that Panetta is a member of the Democratic Party and a longtime supporter of a hardline stance on Moscow.

“I wish to recall that the Cold War de facto began specifically following the Truman Doctrine. It solely served to destabilize foreign relations. After adopting it, Washington began to support various regimes that were opposed to the USSR and undermine Moscow’s allies,” Stephen Ebert said.*

For his part, head research fellow at the Institute for U.S. and Canadian Studies, Vladimir Vasilyev, told Izvestia that should this framework be approved, it will mark the start of a new, full-scale Cold War.

“The Democrats are putting monstrous pressure on Trump. His balanced stance on Russia is facing particularly harsh criticism. The Trump administration’s foreign policy framework will soon begin to be developed. It will take a few months and will be adopted in the first months of the new administration,” the political expert said.

*Editor’s note: Although accurately translated, this quote could not be independently verified.

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