CIA Puts Israel on Guard: ‘Careful, Trump Is Dangerous’

“Pay attention to Trump!” Thus senior CIA officials warned the Israeli intelligence service in advance of the new U.S. president’s entrance into the White House.

This warning was disclosed by intelligence sources in Tel Aviv, according to Ronen Bergman, one of Israel’s most influential investigative journalists.

According to Bergman, in a secret meeting a few days ago, the American 007s appeared to be in “despair,” and exhorted their Israeli colleagues not to share any sensitive information with the new Trump administration because Israeli national security could be put at risk. The reason is straightforward: Donald Trump could be facing blackmail by Russia.

In the meeting, CIA officials explained that they had “highly credible information” that the Kremlin is behind the hacking of the Democratic Party, and that Vladimir Putin has “strong leverages of pressure” over Trump. But what that leverage is was not specified. And since Russia is allied with Iran, Israel’s No. 1 enemy, as long as it’s not clear whether Trump is “inappropriately connected to Moscow,” Israel should avoid revealing sensitive sources to administration officials in case this information reaches the Iranians.

Since 2008, based on an agreement between George W. Bush and Ehud Olmert, the U.S. and Israel have coordinated various joint anti-Iranian intelligence operations. The most famous of these was the cyberattack on the Natanz nuclear plant by the Stuxnet virus, an operation whose purpose was to sabotage Teheran’s nuclear program (a necessary condition to convince Israel not to attack Iran).

Together, the Israeli foreign intelligence agency Mossad and the CIA also carried out the elimination of Imad Mughniyeh in Syria in 2008. The most feared Hezbollah leader was blown up in his private car in Damascus with a device built by the CIA and activated by a Mossad squadron.

’Operation Delegitimization’

In addition to the meeting with the Israelis, it is likely that the CIA is also holding meetings with other allied countries with which it shares intelligence operations. And thus, the process of delegitimization of the new president chosen by the American people transcends U.S. borders and amounts to an international boycott against his position in office.

What is happening in the United States is surreal: Never before in American history has the CIA stood up to boycott a president-elect and contest the democratic process. Basically, they are doing at home what they have been doing in other countries for decades. From this point forward, America is at risk of never again being the same.

Translator’s note: This article is part of a sub-publication in Il Giornale called “Gli occhi della guerra” or “Eyes of the War.”

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