A New US Strategy against the Muslim World

In the past, the United States has used accusation of such activity as conducting terrorist activities or the possession of weapons of mass destruction as an excuse to launch military campaigns against certain Muslim countries in an effort to interfere in their affairs and usurp their resources. Now, once again, the U.S. is pursuing the same objectives, but under a new strategy. If the Muslim world continues to serve as an instrument of the U.S., then, once again, it may find itself face to face with a new crisis and disintegration. The result will be a loss for the Muslim world and an advantage for the U.S.

To start with, the U.S. administration used Saudi Arabia to get some of the Gulf States to impose restrictions against Qatar. Then, reports were issued by U.S. intelligence agencies and the Department of Treasury that individuals of the Al-Thani ruling family of Qatar were providing assistance to terrorist organizations and were involved in giving significant help to groups such as al-Qaida, as well as providing them refuge in Qatar. The reports stated that the minister of religious and internal affairs, Abdullah bin Khalid, provided assistance to 100 extremists – including the al-Qaida militant, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who fought in Afghanistan – at bin Khalid’s private farmhouse in Qatar, and that the Department of Religious Affairs has also provided financial assistance directly to these extremists.

It has also been claimed that another personality of the ruling family, Abdul Kareem Al Thani, gave refuge to al-Qaida commander, Abu Masab Zarqavi, in Iraq, and helped him move from Afghanistan to Iraq in 2002, while providing him the sum of $1 million. Publication of reports like these by the U.S. reinforces suspicions that plans are underway for taking military action against Qatar at some stage. However, this raises a question about the credibility of such U.S. intelligence service reports when one recalls the admission by the CIA that its information relating to the existence of chemical weapons in Iraq was incorrect.

Keeping U.S. objectives in mind, it is necessary for Muslim leaders to act prudently right now to develop an effective strategy for stemming the enemy’s nefarious designs.

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