America and Europe Are United against the Blockade

Yesterday, the German foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, made a statement about the uniformity of European and American positions on the Gulf crisis, which is to refuse severing relations with Qatar and to reject the unjust measures that the blockade countries have taken against the country. The foreign minister’s announcement serves to confirm the soundness and validity of Doha’s position in the Gulf crisis.

America and Germany, which are influential international actors, realize full well the extent of the injustice that has befallen Qatar. The injustice began with the hacking of a Qatari news agency website and the dissemination of false information, which continued as they waged a systematic and biased media campaign against Qatar, and concluded with the imposition of an unjustified blockade. And this is to say nothing of the barbaric actions of the blockade countries that have created a humanitarian disaster affecting tens of thousands of people.

Expounding on this situation, the German foreign minister stressed the need to find a solution to the Gulf crisis as quickly as possible. The foreign minister also commented on the unity of European and American positions with regard to finding a way to solve the crisis. Both America and Europe see dialogue, respect for the sovereignty of the countries involved and non-intervention in internal affairs as the only way forward.

In the midst of these international events, new prospects are emerging for Doha, which is steadfastly and resolutely advancing toward the future. Indeed, Qatar has been able to strengthen its relationships with many international and regional actors, guaranteeing the security and stability of the region. And on the international level, Qatari diplomacy has moved quickly and effectively to explain the truth of what happened during the crisis. Indeed, the efficacy of Qatari diplomacy was evident when America and the European Union adopted Doha’s position of calling for dialogue, the end of the blockade and respect for national sovereignty.

On a regional level, Doha’s diplomatic efforts managed to create new political spaces that clearly delineate the relationships between countries in the region. Finally, this new order of relationships was created according to the specific desires of the countries involved, without any imposition or stipulations from outside actors.

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