Donald Trump: A Man without Morals

In Trump Tower, Donald Trump wants to pursue political damage control, but fails dramatically.

At some point, it is enough. If yet more proof was required that Donald Trump is not fit for the office of U.S. president, then the 71-year-old delivered it on Tuesday. Instead of speaking about his infrastructure plan as announced, Trump philosophized in a partially incoherent stream of thought about American history, the deadly rampage in Charlottesville and above all, himself.

In his appearance in front of the golden elevator doors in his familiar Trump Tower, it became quite clear: The president meant to make the remarks he made from his golf course in Bedminster, where he downplayed right-wing violence. His statesmanlike condemnation of white supremacy and racism from the White House on Sunday was never meant to be taken seriously. It was no coincidence that Trump read the self-evident proclamation from the teleprompter word-for-word: It sounded like a list of demands from a person who had been kidnapped by his entourage of advisers.

Trump Lacks Any Moral Compass Whatsoever

Yet the attempt at political damage control has failed dramatically. Now Trump was once again Trump: An ignorant redneck who argues that there are also nice, peace-loving people among the swastika swinging neo-Nazis holding torches and shouting anti-Semitic slogans. Worse, he indirectly suggested that the left-wing counterprotesters actually shared a bit of the blame for the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer, who was run over by the car of a fanatical neo-Nazi.

The longer one listened to the U.S. president, the more the inhumane hatred was reduced to being a somewhat impassioned political debate, and terrorist murder reduced to being a very “Sad!” and unfortunate incident. EvenTrump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, appeared as if he could hardly stand it.

Such relativizing of rhetorical incendiarism and fanatical violence is unbearable. It shows that Trump lacks any moral compass whatsoever and lacks the suitable temperament to lead a country like the U.S. Instead of showing genuine empathy for the family of the victim, the president actually babbled about his great vineyard located in the beautiful university town that became a stronghold of horror over the weekend.

The man is obsessed with himself and incapable of human compassion, does not have any self-control and is demolishing American society. Additionally, he is in possession of the nuclear codes. Trump urgently needs to be removed from office. Many Republicans know this, too. In spite of that, only few say it publicly. One can call that strategy or opportunism. In fact, if it allows things to drift further, one needs to ascribe something quite different to the Grand Old Party with its noble conservative ideals: moral squalor.

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