Trump: “Blocking the southern border … the people want safety and security”

“The Democratic Party is a complete failure on this important issue.” Donald Trump, Twitter

President Donald Trump stressed that “the great people of our nation want safety and security,” as he commenced sending the National Guard to the Mexican border on July 7.

“We are blocking the southern border,” Trump said in a Twitter post.

The U.S. media reported that President Trump has been actively promoting the fact that the introduction of border guards, beginning with Arizona and Texas this afternoon, is meant to strengthen security.

Trump did not forget to blame the Democrats.

“Democrats have been complete failures on this very important issue,” he said.*

Trump said he hoped to put 2,000 to 4,000 state troops on the U.S.-Mexico border on May 5, and that he would end the “catch and release” of illegal immigrants the next day, as he signed an administrative memorandum of understanding.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis, on the same day, approved a plan to put up to 4,000 state troops on the border.

In this regard, Arizona decided to deploy 150 defense troops and 250 Texas troops.

The illegal immigrants arrested after crossing the border between the United States and Mexico have been mostly arrested and released during the court hearing process.

*Editor’s note: Although accurately translated, the precise quote could not be independently verified.

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