Experts Outraged by Trump’s Wildfire Diagnosis

The President of the United States has stated his opinion through Twitter

California wildfires are generating much controversy in the United States. The president of the country wished to express his views through social media.

It should be noted that the last fire, known as Mendocino Complex in Northern California, has already devastated more than 445 square miles, and only 30 percent of the fire is contained.

No one gives scientific credence to President Trump, who tweeted that these wildfires are made much worse by “the bad environmental laws” that prevent access to “massive amounts of readily available water” which is “diverted into the Pacific Ocean.”

As pointed out by a Los Angeles Times journalist, Trump is mixing up the request of some Republican officials for more irrigation water with the water available to put out fires, particularly as there are several lakes available in California’s affected areas.

His complaint about environmental laws is likewise peculiar, considering that Trump withdrew the United States from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

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