Poison Attack Scandal in England: Populist Sanctions

The U.S. is now becoming more involved in the poison attacks in England with severe sanctions on Moscow. The Russians are assumed to be behind the poisoning of ex-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in March. Washington is quite certain of this, and the mysterious attacks didn’t take place in Washington but rather almost 6,000 kilometers (3,728 miles) away.

Although Great Britain has accused Russia of being behind the attacks from the beginning – which has been denied by Moscow from the beginning – the British have not pushed any truly serious actions against the Russians, apart from the expulsion of some diplomats; rather, they have cloaked themselves in silence. London dismissed rumors of two Russian perpetrators with either denials or “no comment.” The silence of British investigators rings even louder in contrast to the sanctions being imposed by the United States.

London’s supposed friends in Washington certainly have their own agenda. Will U.S. President Donald Trump rectify in a populist way what he screwed up in Helsinki a month ago? There, he ingratiated himself with the Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin, according to the nearly unanimous understanding in the United States, in both the Democratic and Republican camps. Some went so far as to dub him an agent of Russia. So he has plenty to deal with at home – the Novichok scandal could help him with that.

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