America Won’t Lose Anything in Any War It Starts

During his recent visit to Japan, President Donald Trump told China, India, North Korea, Iran and all the countries of the world that America will not lose anything, not a single cent, in any war that it launches against any government that even thinks about challenging America, going against America’s wishes, or setting itself up as America’s equal. Whoever wants to survive must survive at the mercy of the United States. Satan has prepared for America three proverbial cash cows — al-Saud in Saudi Arabia, al-Nahyan in the United Arab Emirates and al-Khalifa in Bahrain — that finance and support America with their money and men.* These money cows will pay 10 times over for any war that America launches against any people, government or governments.

Since America is a capitalist country, war is a profitable economic project with no risk of danger or damage. America will not lose either money or lives. Rather, it will reap a huge profit thanks to the wars it ignites in the Arab and Islamic worlds to harm the people who love life and humanity in every place on earth. The costs of the war that America launched in Afghanistan increased many times over, just like the wars it launched in Iraq and Syria. Today, the U.S. is thinking of starting a war against Iran. Despite the fact that this war has already been paid for by the three sources of financing above, America is hesitant to start any war unless it is provoked. This is because Iran is not like Saddam Hussein or the rulers of the Taliban. A war against Iran would do great damage to American prestige, just as the U.S. intelligence community has reported. American intelligence sources have advised and warned the president to be cautious about starting a war against Iran. After the report was issued, Trump announced he was backing down, and said he had decided to negotiate. He even praised Iran, calling it a great country under its current leadership.**

It is well known that these cash cows — the corrupt Saud, Nayhan and Khalifa families occupying the Arabian Peninsula — are completely prepared to give up their honor, land and dignity in exchange for continuing to rule and impose their dark Wahhabi religion. This is especially true following the wide popular uprisings and protests demanding the departure of these corrupt occupying families. But they will only give up their thrones when they go to hell. Their fate will be worse than that of Saddam and Hitler.

It is known that former President Barack Obama told these corrupt families that “there is no external danger to you. America has the power to protect you from any foreign danger, no matter how large. But the danger that you face and the danger which will destroy you is the anger of your own people in the Arabian Peninsula. In this case, America has no way to protect you.”***

This was the U. S. government’s decision and position because it was unable to contradict the will of its people. Often, America has stood with its people and against its clients. This is what happened in Iran, Iraq, Egypt and other countries, such as the time America was helpless to save the Shah of Iran. It was America that toppled the tyrannical ruler and his faction because the shah exceeded his authority and decided to behave as if he were the master, failing to realize that it was America that made him, America that created him, and America that provided protection to him throughout his long reign.

America deals with rulers and governments just as a master deals with his slave and the pimp with his whores. As long as the slave and the whore serve him and fulfill his desires, they remain under his protection. But when they are unable to serve, or fail to fulfill his desires, he exposes them. Through its proximity to rulers and governments, America came to see that protecting them could be extremely harmful. When people stand up against government, that protection turns harmful. America will hasten to abandon these rulers and governments and renounce their behaviors, and will even kill them with its own hands. This is what America did with the shah, with Saddam, and with its slaves and whores in other nations.

There is no doubt that the al-Saud, al-Nayhan and al-Khalifa cash cows will suffer the same fate as Saddam. America will butcher them in the Wahhabi style, just like the criminal Khalid bin Walid.**** This is what President Trump confirmed when he addressed Mohammad bin Salman al-Saud and Mohammad bin Zayed al-Nayhan.

What will the owner do to a cow whose milk dries up? There is no answer, only silence. That cow will be butchered. So the cows say to themselves, “Our udders cannot and will never dry up. Rather, we will turn every Arab and every Muslim into a cow to produce milk for you both continuously and on demand.”

That is why the Saud family rushed to hold three summits at the same time in one place: the Arab Summit, the Gulf Summit and the Islamic Summit. These summits are aimed at pressing the region’s governments and rulers into service for America and Israel, turning them both into cash cows to produce money and the guard dogs needed to protect the illegitimate interests those countries have in the region.

By inviting these rulers to attend these three summits, the al-Saud family is luring them into a trap.

*Translator’s note: This grammar is a play on a Quranic phrase about God preparing good things for believers. The grammar is the same, but the meaning is inverted. Satan, not God, is helping America and providing it with the tools it needs to do its deeds.

**Translator’s note: The precise quote of Trump’s remarks about Iran stated that “It has a chance to be a great country with the same leadership.”

***Editor’s note: Although accurately translated, the quoted remark could not be independently verified.

****Translator’s note: Khalid bin Walid is a historical figure who conducted a mass execution of captives.

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