Third Countries, Other ‘Trumpisms’ and Marcelo

Yesterday morning, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced that a revision of the asylum rules in the United States will be published today, in its version of the official news, “to add a new bar to eligibility for asylum for an alien who enters or attempts to enter the United States across the southern border, but who did not apply for protection from persecution or torture where it was available in at least one third country outside the alien’s country of citizenship, nationality, or last lawful habitual residence through which he or she transited en route to the United States.”

In other words, asylum resources, the path by which thousands of Central Americans arrive in U.S. territory, will not be offered if the migrant did not complete the process in another country. There are some minimal exceptions. The new rule changes the U.S. insistence that Mexico, and other countries in Central America, would become “third safe counties.”

In other words, we already are. Forcibly.

Marcelo Ebrard, the Mexican secretary of foreign affairs, who has finally become Trump’s wall, said, calmly, that Mexicans will not be affected.

He also said to calm down, that the Trump raids do not include Mexicans. Yes. … Also, elsewhere he said, “Mexico does not agree with measures that limit access to asylum and refuge to those who fear for their life or safety in their country of origin due to persecution.” Then, what?

As of yesterday, we must add that on Friday the State Department published a long report that concludes: “Uncertainty about contract enforcement, insecurity, and corruption also continue to hinder Mexican economic growth. These factors raise the cost of doing business in Mexico significantly.” Documenting that, in some way, much-needed investments are involved.

That same Friday, Donald Trump, in one of his crazy tweets, wrote: “Biggest part of deal with Mexico has not yet been revealed.” What next?

But from Trump, not even the smallest tweet.

How difficult to be Ebrard in 2019. Or not. In past years, more than a few were wrong. As you can see, he keeps smiling.

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