Bloomberg Runs … Who Benefits?

The American billionaire Michael Bloomberg entered the race for the U.S. presidency, announcing his candidacy in the Alabama Democratic primary election, a step that may shake up a wide open presidential election.

American President Donald Trump, who is waging a fierce battle to avoid removal from office, rushed to attack Bloomberg and belittle his candidacy. Trump will definitely reassess his calculation that former Vice President Biden will challenge him for the presidency. That calculation drew Trump into making huge mistakes which led to the ongoing impeachment inquiry in Congress.

The landscape has changed as Biden fades within the Democratic Party and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders surge. In Bloomberg’s assessment, Biden is growing weaker and neither Warren nor Sanders can defeat Trump. In any case, Bloomberg’s entry into the presidential race reflects the confusion that the Democratic Party is experiencing as it searches for a candidate capable of taking back the White House from Trump. It is very likely that Bloomberg’s candidacy is a message to Biden that he will not gain the support of big money donors who want another contender who can face down Trump. That certainly will not be Sanders or Warren, whom these donors accuse of being socialists.

In accordance with this opinion, the corporate wing of the Democratic Party is no longer betting on Biden and wants to block those considered to be from the left-wing of the party. This does not mean that Bloomberg will stay in the race until the end. Perhaps before us is an operation to pave the way for another candidate who is better able to reconcile and unite conflicting wings of the Democratic Party for the crucial battle against Trump.

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