American President’s Impeachment Accelerates Division

President Donald Trump is facing an impeachment trial. While we wish that it could resolve the so-called “Ukraine doubts,” in reality it is more likely to end in a political show by the two main parties who will criticize each other. If the turmoil of American politics continues, it will negatively influence international politics as well. We hope that the trial does not become an occasion that further incites confrontation.

In principle, the American president, as head of state, is not subject to indictment on criminal charges. The U.S. Constitution provides for impeachment proceedings by Congress to remove the president as a means of succession. It is like a treasured sword passed down through the generations.

Because of this, it must be used carefully, but the opposition Democratic Party moved to impeach Trump as soon as suspicions of wrongdoing came to light. Compared to the two years that were wasted on the previous investigation into the Russia question, the Democratic Party here acted rather impatiently.

The Republicans asserted in rebuttal that Joe Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president, was involved in the Ukraine question. Wasn’t all this an overreaction?

The administration’s reaction was also chaotic. It stubbornly resisted congressional subpoenas and failed to provide documents. It is unclear whether this corresponds to the “abuse of power” that the indictments refer to, but it surely is contempt of Congress.

Yet, no Republican representative agreed with the House decision to impeach. There will not be the necessary two-thirds vote to convict in the Senate with only Democrats voting. The Democrats’ failure to provide evidence that would cut through the Republican Party is a political defeat for them.

The reaction of the American people is split cleanly in two. According to a CNN survey, 45% agree with impeachment, and 47% oppose it. There is a feeling that the decision to indict Trump accelerated the division among the American people.

The Republican Party appears to be looking into summoning Biden’s relatives for the impeachment trial. If this turns into even more mudslinging, American prestige among international society will only sink. It would likely be in the national interest for the trial to end quietly. The final verdict must be determined by the next presidential election.

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