Trump’s Missiles Strike His Embassy

President Donald Trump is a reckless opportunist. In order to avoid conviction on impeachment charges and remain in office, he is creating chaos inside America and abroad.

Trump’s missiles struck the Popular Mobilization Forces, its leadership, and Gen. Qassem Soleimani who were all fighting the Islamic State, which America created. The Iranian reaction was terrifying for three reasons.

First, the Iranian missiles have demonstrated destructive capabilities. Second, the Iranian missiles have demonstrated accuracy in striking targets. Third, Iranian missiles have foiled radar and U.S. anti-missile systems.

In central and southern Iraq and Baghdad, mass demonstrations called for America to get out of Iraq. This put the Trump administration in a very embarrassing position. But because Trump is a reckless opportunist, he resorted to striking his embassy in Baghdad so he could accuse Iran and its supporters of the attack and justify keeping U.S. forces in Iraq.

Trump’s missile strike on his embassy will be a pretext for NATO countries to pressure the Iraqi government to keep NATO forces there, including U.S. troops, in order to protect their embassies and citizens.

The justification for keeping foreign forces in Iraq to fight the Islamic State group has failed because the coalition, under American leadership, has time and again struck Iraqi forces, including the Popular Mobilization Forces, in order to protect the Islamic State group fighters. The coalition has done so because the Islamic State group is an American creation, as Trump said when he was running for president.

In sum, Trump, a reckless opportunist, and his administration would even strike the White House so they could point the finger at Iran and its supporters in the region, and create chaos and even all-out war if it meant remaining in office.

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