Trump’s Plan? Passing the Buck, Protests by Palestinians

The uncritically pro-Israel American President Donald Trump, in his so-called peace plan for the Middle East, proposes a two-state solution, or the creation of an independent Palestine alongside Israel. But Jerusalem is supposed to remain the latter’s indivisible capital. It just wouldn’t be Trump if his pronouncements about the plan of the century didn’t contain a catch – even an outright trap!

As of deadline, the Associated Press reported that large Jewish settlements in the Israeli occupied West Bank would remain under Israeli control, according to the plan. At the same time, the creation of an independent Palestine would be conditioned by unspecified “security measures” whose aim would be to protect Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was present when Trump announced the plan at the White House, remarked that the U.S. agrees Israel must have full control over the Jordan Valley and other locations, and that it will have the power to defend itself unaided. The Czech Press Agency’s initial report did not reprint original information from a high-ranking American official that Israel would freeze construction of illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territories for four years.

Sami Abu Zuhri of the Islamic movement Hamas called Trump’s announcement aggressive, and said the solution to the Jerusalem question was senseless, adding that Jerusalem will always belong to Palestinians. “The Palestinians will confront this deal and Jerusalem will remain a Palestinian land,” he emphasized.

That was precisely the evaluation of [Czech] Arab studies expert Prokop Singer on Facebook: “Trump’s ‘deal of the century,’ in a nutshell: two bombastic populists, both facing serious charges at home, who pretend that they are creating a genuine peace solution in the Middle East; in reality it is just the announcement of bare-naked annexation and colonization.”

Palestine Is Not for Sale

Indeed. Thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip protested the so-called peace plan even before its announcement yesterday. Palestinians correctly anticipated that Trump’s plan would be staunchly pro-Israel. Trump, facing impeachment proceedings, briefed the Israeli prime minister – who is under indictment for bribery and fraud – and Israeli opposition leader Benny Gantz, both of whom Trump invited to the White House, on the provisions of the plan.

Demonstrators in Gaza burned photographs of Trump and Netanyahu yesterday. One could also see a placard with the slogan “Palestine is not for sale.”

As part of the protest, leaders of Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, expressed support for West Bank Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, of the rival Fatah movement, and welcomed his proposal for a joint negotiation of Palestinian fractions. Abbas also sent a message to the two men posturing in Washington that Palestine is not for sale and called Trump’s plan a conspiracy that would not succeed.

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