A Crucial Week for the United States

Who will face Donald Trump in the November presidential election? Which of the Democratic candidates will the party choose during the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee in July? One thing is certain: this week will be decisive. Tomorrow, during Super Tuesday, there will be primary elections in 14 of the 50 states. And depending on the results, each of the candidates will know how many delegates they can send to the convention to champion their cause. This Tuesday, more than a third of the 3,979 delegates will be pledged!

The hour of truth is coming for the Democrats. Thus far, the primaries in four states have seen Bernie Sanders take the lead, Pete Buttigieg surprise everyone, Amy Klobuchar rise out of anonymity, and Joe Biden make a big comeback.* But those states combined will send barely more than 150 delegates to Milwaukee. In other words: Peanuts!

It’s not over yet. On top of that, billionaire Michael Bloomberg is entering the fray tomorrow. The former mayor of New York has inundated the 14 states in play with commercials. Among them, the two most important states are California (with 494 delegates) and Texas (with 261 delegates).

In short, this week, there will remain only two, three, possibly four candidates likely to attain the 1,991 delegates necessary to clinch the Democratic nomination and challenge Trump in November. The others will gradually drop out of the race for lack of means, their donors betting on another horse.

The cherry on top is this: if the vote is very close, it will give considerable weight to the delegates of American voters living abroad, including those here in French-speaking Switzerland, who are also voting this week in Geneva!

*Editor’s Note: Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg ended his presidential campaign on March 1.

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