The US Is Freaking Out – Which Means We Are Doing It Right!

On Aug. 10, Jimmy Lai Chee-Ying, founder of Next Digital Ltd., the largest listed media company in Hong Kong, was arrested for allegedly violating the Hong Kong national security law. Soon after, certain politicians from the West, especially those from the U.S., such as Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien made their respective statements. Apparently, they were “deeply troubled.” They even had the guts to demand that China repeal the national security law and “restore [Hong Kong’s] rule of law.”

The fact that these American politicians are so desperate means only one thing: This arrest, a lawful one, hit them right in their weak spot. For a long time, Lai has knowingly served anti-China and anti-communist groups in the U.S. It has been an open secret that he is their biggest proxy, bringing chaos to Hong Kong and the most financial support to the Hong Kong pro-democracy camp.

Reports disclosed by assorted media revealed that Lai has sworn his loyalty to anti-China and anti-communist groups in the West from the get-go. He “donated” to American political parties, earning the role of their proxy in Hong Kong. Gradually he became the funder of the Hong Kong pro-democracy camp, Hong Kong independence forces and foreign groups that attempt to interfere in Hong Kong affairs and contain China. He has also been using his media companies to distort the truth, confuse right and wrong, make up rumors, incite violence and more.

As protests stirred up Hong Kong last June, some anti-China and anti-communist groups in the U.S. thought they had found a new opportunity to start a new “color revolution.” They frequently arranged high-level meetings in the U.S. with prominent figures in the pro-democracy camp. Last year, Lai made two visits to the U.S. in July and October to discuss plans with his “masters” on how to destabilize Hong Kong.

Lai is long known for his affiliation with the U.S. He is a traitor to China and a lackey of anti-China and anti-communist groups in that country. Even after the national security law came into effect, he was still blatantly committing offenses. Lai publicly participated in illegal protests, manipulated the primary election — aiming to ultimately subvert the regime — and applied to leave Hong Kong multiple times in an attempt to escape.

Justice may be late but never absent. Anti-China and anti-communist groups in the U.S. should realize that Lai’s arrest is not only a necessary measure taken lawfully by the Hong Kong police but was also strongly desired by the majority of Hong Kong citizens. After Lai was brought to justice, some Hong Kong citizens celebrated with firecrackers and champagne, evidence that it was an urgent desire.

Anti-China and anti-communist groups in the U.S. should also realize that their efforts to turn Hong Kong into a pivot in order to infiltrate, subvert and contain China is doomed to fail. Since the handover of Hong Kong in 1997, the region had been so ill-defended national security-wise that it became a paradise for espionage in the West. However, now that an institutional barrier is under construction by the central government to protect Hong Kong, those foreign forces that attempted to blatantly endanger China’s national security in the region will become history.

We have noticed that some American politicians are reluctant to give up on Hong Kong. Since July, the U.S. has made a series of moves that are eliminating Hong Kong’s so-called special status, teaming up with certain countries to exert pressure on China and the special administrative region, and imposing sanctions on Hong Kong officials and the heads of Hong Kong-related agencies in the Chinese government.

However, the more hysterical the U.S. is about Hong Kong affairs, the more it shows that their plans are failing. We are doing it right by strengthening the legal system and the law enforcement mechanism in this region to safeguard our national security.

We do not fear threats from the outside world; the central government and Hong Kong are determined to further implement the national security law. American politicians are just beating a dead horse by making their seemingly intimidating statements. If anything, these statements will only serve as evidence to prove Lai guilty for violating the national security law.

The biggest proxy of anti-China and anti-communist forces in the U.S. has been brought to justice. It is only a matter of time before Lai’s ilk receives the same punishment by law too.

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