Biden Must Offer More than a Pastoral Promise

For the Democrats, a man who will be 78 years old shortly after the election date will enter the battle for the White House.

His political career began in Washington when Richard Nixon held the office for which the Democratic candidate is now running. It’s not exactly easy to connect Joe Biden with the “future” or a “vision for America.”

The fact that — and the reason why — the opposition party is counting most of all on age and experience in a society that otherwise reveres the cult of youth is worth considering. (As a reminder: “Experience in Washington” was still the kiss of death four years ago when voter frustration boiled up.) However, that is how the party’s base wanted it.

Of course, Americans will no doubt have a choice, a real choice, on Nov. 3. In his closing speech at the virtual Democratic National Convention, Biden, the former vice president and senator who countered the incumbent’s diatribes with healing, comforting and conciliatory messages, gave perhaps a bit too much to the nation’s senior social therapists. However, his portrayal of the state of society and politics in the Donald Trump era was not wrong either: too much anger, too much fear, too much division.

In his campaign, however, Biden will have to offer more than a pastoral promise to lead America out of a time of darkness onto the path of hope and light. He will have to pull out all the stops and those swing voters, who are necessary for a change of power, might want to hear more than just condemnations of Trump. On the other hand, the president’s striking lack of judgment and his incompetence should speak for themselves.

The majority of United States partners recognize an old friend in Biden whom they would only too gladly see lead the country. However, points of conflict, such as trans-Atlantic relations, would have as little chance of vanishing into thin air as a President Biden undoing the disruptions of the Trump years. But one would be able to talk about partnership again. However, in America, a herculean task would await Biden: the renewal of social, societal and political foundations.

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