If Trump Loses the Election, He Will Not Be Able To Barricade Himself in the White House

Donald Trump does not have many legal tools he can use to deny a victory by Biden. Therefore, in order to stay in power, he will try to buy time in every way possible.

Future presidential debates are unlikely to be canceled. Considering what the whole world witnessed during the first debate, it does not matter whether more debates will take place because they won’t change anything. Even now, both candidates continue to troll, insult and accuse each other of every kind of mortal sin.

According to the polls, undecided voters in swing states have favored Joe Biden over Donald Trump since the debate. However, given the current situation, in Republican polls, this lead seems uncertain.

Therefore, it is impossible to predict how the swing states will vote on Election Day because it will largely depend on the total number of American voters who vote; on how many voters are mobilized by each candidate, on whether or not Democrats succeed in mobilizing the African American community and young people, which Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders failed to do when they ran. Thus, the contest between the two candidates is likely to be close, creating certain political risks.

The most radical option for either of the two candidates would be to ask for a full vote recount or a partial vote recount in certain states, as in the 2000 election. Moreover, the American vote-by-mail system this year offers much room for speculation.

However, as Trump does not have many legal tools he can use to deny a victory by Biden, the assumptions about Trump’s upcoming attempt to hold power or barricade himself in the White House should be subject to a good deal of skepticism. The only thing he can do is try to play for time and not rush to admit defeat if he fails to win the election.

But that is possible only if Trump and his team manage to put their nominee on the Supreme Court as an associate justice, which they are now actively working on.

*Editor’s note: Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination was confirmed Monday, Oct. 26.

The author, Ilia Kuksa, is an international policy expert and an expert on the Middle East at the Ukrainian Institute of the Future.

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