70 Years after the Korean War: What Has Changed, What Hasn’t?

This year marks the 70th since China volunteered to assist North Korea in its war against the U.S.

Seventy years ago, facing an enemy who was armed to the teeth, the brave volunteers were motivated by the heat of their love. What they lacked in weaponry they made up for with their courage: Huang Caoling, Song Gufeng, Chang Jinhu, Tie Yuan, Shang Ganling…. The names of these heroes memorialize the bloody sacrifice of the volunteers.

Seventy years later, as the flag-bearers celebrated the 70th anniversary of China’s founding, the glorious banners of “Yang Gensilian,” the “Baiyun Mountain Regiment,” the “Xingxingli Fighting Model Company” and the “Linjinjiang Breakthrough Hero Company” were displayed in honor of the heroes who sacrificed themselves in the war against America.

This is the passing of the spiritual torch.

Seventy years ago, the soldiers who endured all the pains of heaven and earth were beloved by the public. Seventy years later, the remains of these volunteer martyrs have finally returned to the motherland, touching countless hearts again.

This is the continuation of national memory.

Of course, what has not changed is the attitude of those careerists [America]. They go their own way, conduct their own affairs, engaging in unilateralism, protectionism and self-interest to the extreme. In the face of international regulations, they adopt an attitude of doing what is beneficial to only themselves. Blackmail, blockades and extreme pressure on other countries are their most frequently used tools.

At this moment in history, these Americans who are full of Cold War ambitions seem to have forgotten the “coldest winter” experienced by their predecessors 70 years ago. They should look back at that historical period, and hail the following warnings:

“Now that the Chinese people are organized, we cannot be messed with! If our peace is disturbed, we will not be easy to handle!”

“It does not matter if you have a strong national army; no matter how powerful you are, if you stand on the other side of progress and peace, bully the weak and attempt aggressive expansionism, you will inevitably meet bloodshed.”

They must also remember that the world has changed: Seventy years ago, facing enemies armed to the teeth, the Chinese volunteers were ill-equipped and lived in constant fear of aerial bombardments. Seventy years later, China has developed advanced weapons such as the J-20 Stealth Fighter, the 055 Destroyer and the “Eastern Wind”-17 Missile. The plateau frontier troops are well equipped with adequate battle gear and clothing. The tremendous advances in equipment and logistics enable the civilian army to dare to fight even in the face of a strong enemy.

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