Trump: Call 911

Since Joe Biden won, Donald Trump has crossed limits unimaginable for ordinary people. Dementia has taken hold of him.

Not only did he win the election that was stolen from him, he says, but he is largely responsible for the vaccine. He praises this famous vaccine even though, during the entire pandemic, he let the conspirators deny the very existence of the virus and spoke against the health measures that certain states put in place, Democratic states for the most part. This is a vaccine he might have shamelessly told us he developed himself in the basement of his stately home in Mar-a-Lago.

In fact, the president will one day, hopefully, be held accountable for his delusional policies, which, during the pandemic, have made the United States the country in which the most people have died and been affected by COVID-19.

No federal agency seems capable of stopping him, or above all, of calming the tens of millions of Republicans bewitched by him.


Fortunately, the Supreme Court, under the control of six conservative justices, including three appointed by Donald Trump, is pushing back. Their ruling last week on a petition by the state of Texas to overturn 20 million votes in four states, all won by Joe Biden, amply proves it.

All these shenanigans, including the deliberate attempt to destabilize democratic institutions, break with modern American history. Who would have thought that Trump would drag his country onto the path of banana republics and dictatorships installed by coups d’état?

Until Jan. 20, 2021, no one can predict the outcome of the current situation, which hints at a civil war and continues to get worse. It’s as if the greatest power in the free world has gone downhill. More than 70 million Americans seem to be going along for the ride. And what should we think of all those in Canada and Quebec who also benefit from that?

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