In Cuomo’s Looking Glass

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who was elected governor of New York three times and who expertly handled the pandemic in his state, is about to resign following six allegations of sexual harassment* and for concealing COVID-19 deaths in the state’s nursing homes.

The harassment allegations include asking a young aide about her sex life, and if she slept with older men. The aide believed that the 63-year-old governor was propositioning her and that her job was at risk. In fact, she was transferred to another position in the state government.

Cuomo also shocked another aide by kissing her on the lips in the office, after suggesting they play strip poker.

A third woman, who did not work with Cuomo, was caught off guard by him at a party when he put his hand on her bare back and touched her cheeks in a way that implied some sort of intimate relationship.

Cuomo is also under fire for his actions in March 2020, when he ordered nursing homes to readmit residents who were sick with COVID after they were released from the hospital.

The number of seniors who did not return was not recorded because they died outside of the nursing homes: some 3,000 died. Cuomo is accused of hiding those deaths.

In the fight against the pandemic, Cuomo was an effective politician and a media phenomenon. He is very popular and is preparing to run for governor for a fourth time. His problem is that he does not have a party supporting him, as the Democrats are not willing to close their eyes to his transgressions.

Democratic Party members, the majority in the New York State Assembly, are preparing to launch an impeachment investigation for abuse and lies. Cuomo does not even have a president coming out to say that the accusations against him are the result of election season and that the people should decide.

If Cuomo were being accused of rape like Salgado Macedonia, candidate for governor in Mexico, and of hiding hundreds of thousands of deaths, as the Mexican federal government is, perhaps he would not now be fighting to hold onto the governorship, but rather to avoid prison. We are not the same.

Editor’s Note: As of March 19, 2021, eight women had alleged sexual harassment by Gov. Cuomo. Gov. Cuomo has said he will not resign. As of March 23, 2021, he remained in office.

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