From Wave to Tsunami: Requiem for a Normal Life

How interesting is the legal order in which a strange death (this time it’s the death of George Floyd, which led to riots in America) arouses almost the entire world?

It’s well known that the clash between a convicted drug user and the local police caused problems in the United States, the home of unlimited freedom. The incident occurred when the ex-convict was arrested after trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill. Police did not find his identification to be in order and could not determine his actual physical state (he was high and had a weapon on him), and he continued to disobey police officers.

The unfortunate result of the confrontation was that the officer who arrested and disarmed the resisting suspect knelt on his neck and choked him to death.

All of this happened in 2020, almost a year ago. At first, this case created waves, but since then the waves have turned into a tsunami. We should not have to dig deep into the American legal system to conclude that it intended this case to be a starter pistol across the ocean, since there is no way that the Black Lives Matter movement, already worldwide, started spontaneously from this tragedy. The movement is a bunch of nonsense as it stands, anyway.

Every decent person around the world can endorse that every human life matters. What else? Every life matters!

The gifts that the Creator has given us are what matter. The unnecessary cutting down of the ancient forest, the suffering of dead animals used as hunting trophies, and the early deaths of people from Central and South America who live in slums and without health care, all matter. And this is weighing heavily on someone’s conscience. They are victims, victims of rulers in a forever selfish world. Sadly, a few understand that those same rulers are trying to upend the ways of the world through the death of a criminal, implementing their own false ideas. Some time has passed, and they have done it with success; the world has truly taken a turn. Of course, for their own benefit.

The police officer that disarmed Floyd, whose trial just took place, was found guilty by a jury on all three charges brought against him. Sentencing will take place in eight weeks, and the officer faces up to 40 years in prison. Not much is said about whether the officer was acting in self-defense and was unable to do anything else to protect himself, or whether he actually made a mistake. In any case, as the tale goes, the event was a signal for the world.

It was the kind of signal that prompted a complete upending of the situation. Let’s be gentle and go easy on those that carry weapons, take drugs, are aggressive, have a criminal background and break daily norms as well as the rules of ordinary society. This is how, over several years, the entire world has been turned on its head (with the help of the #MeToo movement, and then a zealous assault by Black people taking a knee, or the spread of LGBTQ insanity by violent perpetrators, and going easy on the killers of Lajos Szögi* and handball player Marian Cozma**), where the voices those who support natural and human law (I think these are divine laws) are the quietest.

Let’s put our hands on our hearts! Truly we are the victims; those of us (make no mistake, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and Jews of the world) who want to live by the order of divine nature in peace according to our own society’s laws. We have not been able to achieve this yet.

Floyd, who was a drug addict and “specialized” in robbing pregnant mothers, is only a victim in one aspect.*** He lost his life even though he could have stayed alive if he had followed the law. Yet, he didn’t, and those who have created our new upended world have nearly made him a hero. He is only a hero in a valueless world and in the eyes of those people who have lost their decency. The wave lifted Floyd high, but this same tsunami will carry him somewhere into the ocean of the forgotten, so-to-speak as a poet.

The question of course remains, where is our crazy world going? When and how will this endless – and let’s be honest, increasingly more intolerable – madness end? This madness includes the hodgepodge that has been labeled an “open society” which is forced on us, democratic exports of pure lies (that Floyd is a great example of the American “good” that is a democratic export), and outrageous, slowly legalized types of activities that will allow me to marry my chandelier or my cat tomorrow. The legalization of these “rights,” make no mistake, is already at our doorstep, to use a metaphor.

There is no doubt that the world we consider modern has exhausted its moral capital. We all need to think about what actions and willpower it will take to return to natural or divine law. The sooner, the better. In any case, the goal at least cannot be anything other than to fight for every nation to stay itself, guard its past (we have plenty to guard) and protect its own precious values, and continue the dialogue around common experiences with those that are worthy of it.

The influx of disruptive madness from the West, including Floyd-type stories and their lessons, needs to be discarded like old clothes. No more poetry. Let’s leave it to those who need to learn this lesson.

The author is a journalist.

*Translator’s note: Lajos Szögi was beaten to death in Hungary in 2006 for almost hitting a young Romani girl with his car.

** Translator’s note: Marian Cozma was a Romanian handball player who was stabbed to death in a nightclub fight in Hungary in 2009.

***Editor’s note: This assertion reflects the author’s opinion, and has not been independently verified as fact.

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