‘Winning Time’ – The Rise of the Lakers’ Dynasty

Basketball for basketball fans or Adam McKay for Adam McKay fans?

Those who know the world of cinema say that the Oscar nominations for “Don’t Look Up” are due to the fact that half of Hollywood is looking forward to working with director Adam McKay. “Don’t Look Up” was nominated for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Film Editing and Best Score. The first two are easy to explain because of McKay himself; the reasons for music and editing are self-explanatory, especially the latter. It cannot be easy to edit a McKay film while respecting his aggressive sense of directing.

We also found his style in the first episode of “Succession,” which set the tone for the whole series with its surprisingly elegant roughness. Luckily, the HBO series found a balance between the greatness of its proposal, its need to be a character study and the often irritating McKay vibe. In the third season, the fit is perfect and the aggressive visual feats of the director of “Vice,” executive producer of the series, appear only when needed.

“Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty,” his new project on the same platform, needs that contagious energy right from the start. And he brings it, again in the double role of producer and director. Combined with a colorful 1970s aesthetic and a cast eager to have fun, McKay’s dynamism gives the series the fuel it requires to start. It will also make some of us forget that this story will, at least, sound familiar to us. The reinvention of the NBA flagship team (and with it, the entire NBA) is the very powerful idea behind “Winning Time” — another legend of contemporary America that television could not let go. And it seems tailor-made for McKay. The stars in “Winning Time” are him and the show itself.

If you are not into basketball, it’s okay. If, on the other hand, you are a basketball fan, you can join the debate on whether it is well represented. As with “Don’t Look Up,” there are all sorts of different opinions.

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