No Escape for Trump

The night of the 2020 American presidential election, when the vote counting had been in process for only a short time and the result could not yet be taken for granted, Donald Trump appeared before the world to declare himself the winner.

Almost two years later, we know that Trump was aware of his defeat but was determined, along with some of his hooligans, to announce his victory, whether he won or not. This has been stated by several eyewitnesses before the investigative committee of the U.S. Congress and verified by videos or audios recorded in those intense days. Trump and his supporters could not bear the idea of his failing to be re-elected.

Nothing is more humiliating for a president than to be thrown out of that position by the polls in his first attempt to get endorsement of his leadership. Trump received a creditable count of 74 million votes. But more than half of the country mobilized, willing to vote for anyone to replace him. Anyone but Trump. Anyone but Trump.

Joe Biden comfortably exceeded 81 million votes. The dozens of complaints that Trump brought to courts across the country about his phantasmagorical electoral fraud conspiracy theory all came to the same conclusion: There was no case, because there was not a single piece of evidence. Not even the judges chosen by the Republican Party were convinced by the harassment launched by Trumpism.

The assault on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, 2021, was the logical – and catastrophic – end of Trump’s presidency. To this are added investigations into his propensity to fail to pay all taxes due and his kleptomania with reserved documents and secrets, taken by him from the White House to his Florida mansion. Not only does this suggest that crimes were committed, but it provides evidence that there were not always traces of intelligent life around him.

What could be in those papers, for Trump to steal them?

Now, Congress wants Trump to testify before the committee. If he does, the obvious will be confirmed. If he doesn’t, the obvious will also be confirmed. Without question.

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