Donald Trump’s Latest Defeat: Are Republicans Now Looking for a Trump with Manners?

The release of Donald Trump’s tax returns has chipped away at his image, which may stop him, but not his destructive politics. A commentary.

The release of Donald Trump’s tax returns is another defeat for the former U.S. president — and not just because he has lost yet another legal battle. The returns make it clear that he did not pay taxes for several years, and his business was not as successful as he claimed.

That may not bother his fans. But this defeat further chips away at Trump’s invincible image. And that weighs heavily. Many important Trump supporters, including media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his influential TV network Fox News, have already turned their backs on him following the unexpectedly poor midterm results.

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That is another reason why some Republicans are already looking for a replacement for Trump in the next presidential election. Unfortunately that does not mean they are distancing themselves from Trump’s politics. Instead, they are seeking a Trump with manners and without drama. One candidate could be Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The Republicans have shifted further to the right since the midterms and will undoubtedly continue their policy of obstruction in the newly elected House of Representatives. Unfortunately, it is therefore likely that they will carry on with Trump’s destructive politics.

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