So Much for Sleepy Joe: Biden Is Going To Run Again

U.S. President Joe Biden has made it clear: He wants to run again in 2024. To do this, however, he must implement a promise made by Donald Trump.

So much for sleepyhead — or as his predecessor gibed, “Sleepy Joe.” Joe Biden has never been so pugnacious and quick-witted. In his State of the Union address, the 80-year-old charged through the state of America today for 73 minutes and spoke profusely about promises for the future.

Afterward, it was clear: Biden wants to run for the White House again in 2024. Why? Because he hasn’t “finished the job.” By the end of his second term, he would be 86.

Joe Biden: His Opinion Poll Results Are Embarrassing

There are two realities for Biden, the Unfinished. His work record, which resulted from the difficult conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, shows him to be one of the most agile and successful U.S. presidents since the end of World War II.

That alone does not translate into esteem on the street. Biden’s opinion poll results are consistently embarrassing. And the colossal investment programs to make the U.S. “greener” will only properly materialize in five to 10 years.

Biden Must Implement Trump’s Promise

Despite the lowest unemployment rate, the acceptable gas prices, fading concerns of a recession and tentatively shrinking inflation, many Americans don’t feel that things are better for them. All this adds to the fact that enthusiasm for a second term is limited. Almost 60% of Democratic voters want generational change in 2024.

The performance that Biden gave on Tuesday evening, characterized by cool old-age resilience, will not change that. Biden has to break this spiral if he wants to win in two years. He has to deliver what Trump has always only ever promised: Real help for the little guy devastated by globalization.

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