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Has the U.S. Hindered the United Nations from Helping the Palestinians?

Fifty Years of American Racism

This Kuwaiti writer argues that for 50 years, U.S. has provided Israel with weapons that have put the Palestinian people 'through all kinds of suffering, murder, displacement, and genocide' and that Washington and the West, based on 'power and profit' seek the complete extermination of Muslim civilization.

By Saad Al-Anzi

Edited by Rob Gibran

July 15, 2005

Al-Ray Al-Aam - Original Article (Arabic) Translation provided by    

The simple truth is that the United States is the one who forced us to hate and oppose it, due to its racist policies toward the Muslim world. The tragedies that we are seeing in the world today are irrefutable evidence of the barbaric nature of both political and military thought in America toward the Muslim world.

There are numerous examples of this racism, but I will limit myself here to the main problems that have plagued our Muslim nations; tragedies to which the U.S. have been a great contributor. 

United Nations Security Council

Let us start off with the Palestinian issue. For the last 50 years, the Palestinian people have been through all kinds of suffering, murder, displacement, and genocide. All of this carried out by the Zionists, and made possible by the procurement of U.S.-made weapons and American political and financial support. Due to the ever-present United States veto power, the United Nations has been prevented from issuing any resolutions that could have lead to a solution and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from lands that Israel occupied using America’s might.

Let us now look at the Iraq issue. Complete military occupation: The killing of innocent civilians in Fallujah, Anbar and Baghdad; The use of severe torture on detainees in Iraqi prisons; Savage massacres that are occurring throughout Iraq with a blatant lack of legitimacy from the international community. In a nutshell, the United States has used its military juggernaut to kill and displace millions of people. This represents terrorism at its ugliest by a superpower against a nation, simply because that nation has natural resources!

There is another reason for our hate toward America, and that is the democratization of the Islamic world.

If the U.S. and its Western allies succeed in their bid to democratize the Islamic world, this would bring the extermination of the last civilizations that have stood against the West and its ideologies. In the long run, this Islamic civilization represents a real threat to them [the West]. This threat begins with the emergence of a unifying Islamic nationalistic core, represented by an Islamic regime at the social and governing levels. A new Islamic governing body would offer alternatives to the social, economic and political systems of the West. It would challenge to the West’s hegemony and end the pillaging of the wealth of Muslim nations’ and other helpless countries around the world.               

The world today is controlled by capitalistic democratic principles, and is therefore ruled by two standards: Power and profit. Since the West is the one that holds the keys to power and the one that manipulates the vast material and technological wealth of humanity, then the West is the most capable of dominating and winning most world conflicts. This it does constantly, in order to secure its monopolization of the world’s resources and to achieve the highest levels of profit for itself.

All this translates to a period of unprecedented control by the West, both culturally and financially. It also means that humanity is resigning itself to a voracious, greedy, individualistic, liberal, democratic, capitalistic notion, and that the world will be ruled by the “law of the jungle” in its ugliest form.


— Al-Arabiya TV (Dubai): Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leader Explains the Justification for Martyrdom, July 17, 00:01:54, MEMRI

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