'Benefits' to 'Islamic Nation' of America's War in Iraq

What are the benefits to the 'Islamic Nation' of America's war in Iraq? In this op-ed article from the Arabic newspaper al-Sunnah of Great Britain, the writer explains that despite the catastrophic toll the 'Zio-Wester-merican' war has taken, it has at least revealed America's failure, despite its huge arsenal; and it has 'unmasked' the Arab rulers that rushed to do Washington's bidding.

By Ali Abdul Aal, an Egyptian Journalist

Translated By Omar Hammami

February 2, 2006

Original Article (Arabic)


An American Soldier on Patrol in Iraq, Monday (above).


Shiite Muslim Children Gather for the Muslim Festival
of Ashoura, at the Imam Hussein Shrine, in the Holy City
of Karbala, 50 miles South of Baghdad. The Festival
Commemorates the Martyrdom of Imam Hussein, Grandson of
Muhammad, at the Battle of Karbala in the Year 680. (below).


Shiite Worshippers Flagellate Themselves to Mark Ashoura,
Outside the Imam Hussein Shrine on Monday. (above)

An F-22 Fighter (below). Before the Iraq War, Washington's
Capabilities were 'Greater than Anyone Could Have Imagined.'

'Arab Rulers Won't Hear, See, or Speak of the Justifications
for the Iraq War, After They Believed the Pre-War Allegations and Then
aided the U.S.-U.K. Invasion' [Ad Dustour, Jordan] (above).

Despite the toll of the catastrophe - upon human life, safety, politics, and history; despite the great hatred the Islamic Nation has faced during the Western war led by the American forces on Iraqi soil; despite similar historical defeats incurred by this Nation, and despite the lack of material resources available to it, it has always been and remains more than able to confront these attacks.

Furthermore, despite the fact which can not be disputed - that this war has come with many crimes, the ugliness of which is intolerable to humans … despite all of that, we remain on the lookout for any benefits or lessons to be gleaned by the Islamic Nation from this barbaric "Zio-Wester-merican" war.

Furthermore, if the victim happened to be other than this Islamic Nation, a discussion of the benefits of this war would be impossible to discuss. For the sake of its cultural growth, I do so now, because this Nation should never look too far off in the distance, without keeping an eye on the immediate present.

Furthermore, I would not be able to discuss these benefits if it were not for the fact that this Nation has been entrusted with a humanistic role. All of this is despite the fact that it is experiencing a historically unprecedented cultural setback - but one that is definitely a temporary setback which will soon end, God willing. The signs for this coming victory are self-evident and are many.

So what are the beneficial lessons learned by the Nation from this war?

1. The Unmasking of the Claimers:

Before the war in Iraq began, allied Western forces were able - by placing their capabilities and the reins of power under American command - to strongly fortify their political, economic, media and military forces. These capabilities were truly greater than anyone could have imagined, and this is what caused Arab leaders and officials to turn and flee.

These Western preparations before the war were quite effective at making them [Arab leaders and officials] obedient to the American master, even before this was openly requested of them. So, because of their cowardly fleeing - the masks were lifted from those who, rather than give precedence to the sovereignty and safety of the Nation,

were more concerned with their own personal agendas.

The masks which were lifted to the sound of the beating war drums were many. The most famously false of these has been the "spread of freedom and the downfall of dictatorship," which the Americans and its allies have pointed to.

Despite the fact that these claims needed no further proof to establish their falseness, they were rapidly exposed as false, and this informed those who didn't already know, that the enemies of this Nation would never solve its problems for it. Furthermore, Iraq was not the only Islamic land that was subject to dictatorship, nor was the dictator of Iraq the worst from amongst his brother transgressors in the Arab World. Simply put, the war criminals and plunderers [those who attacked Iraq] misled the feeble-minded.

The second falsehood was the "search for weapons of mass destruction." In reality, this was not a lie, because [coalition] soldiers actually entered Iraq with this as one of their primary motivations, and this was the only possible motive that could have been legitimately publicized. However, due to the extreme fear they felt for their own safety - which is their right - they speculated … and that speculation was to be sinful, because these weapons did not exist in Iraq. Furthermore, even if these weapons did exist in Iraq, did that really call for an entire nation to be destroyed? What about the nuclear arsenal of other countries then? Is it permissible for them to be destroyed, as it was for Iraq?

Here I refer to the Arab officials who agreed to the Iraqi war - even if they did not do so publicly - and those who made preparations for the [Western] soldiers. These preparations were vast and were not hidden from anyone that watched. I mean by this, the media outlets (newspapers and broadcasting), civic organizations and research groups, who all tried to convince the Arab and Islamic World of the excuses that the occupiers had put forth for stealing the land of the Abbasid Caliphate [RealVideo]. I also refer here to people on the inside, who were "tools;" those who benefited from the destruction, and those who were paid off. Of these, there are many, and they comprise groups, organizations and individuals from among the captive Iraqi people; they grew up on its land and water, and then decided to sell it on the cheap.

2. Understanding the True Threat of Enemy Forces

An American Hellfire Missile (above).


American Military Recruiters (below) Have Been Having
a Difficult Time Due to the War in Iraq.

Cartoon From a Brazil's Syndicated Editorial Cartoonist Latuff. (below)

We used to hear and read - about cruise and tomahawk missiles, F-15s and F-16s, Stealth bombers and B-52s, as well as aircraft carriers and the Marines. Then, through this war -which was imposed upon the Nation unwillingly - we found out how limited these weapons were. In Iraq, we saw the sons of Islam - the lions of the desert- setting their traps for the American technology. So, from with numbers and minimal material assets, a destructive weapon was born, fueled by humans [suicide bombers], with which the sons of the Nation can now turn loss into victory.

It is not unusual then, that instead of simply talking about an Americans withdrawal from Iraq - the land which they believed was free for the taking - we also talk of the destruction that has faced the American army since it entered Iraq.

Two recent reports warn that the American military is under tremendous pressure due to its presence in Iraq, and it must be noted that this represents a long term wound to the United States. The report from the Bush Administration [the Pentagon] warned that the Army was at risk of "breaking the force in the form of a catastrophic decline" in recruitment and re-enlistment. It read that these policies, "will have highly corrosive and potentially long-term effects on the force." It also indicated that despite the situation on the ground, these factors are creating huge internal pressure for a decrease of American forces in Iraq.

Andrew Krepinevich, a retired Army officer whose report was paid for by the Pentagon, warned that, "Faltering morale among an overburdened force and eroding public support for the war would threaten the ability of the Army and Marines 'to maintain sufficient forces to prosecute the war to a successful conclusion.'"

News agencies also reported that the American army forced 50,000 troops to extend their duty after the completion of their voluntary stints, due to a policy they call: "Stop-loss." Military strategists said, "This policy shows the pressure on the American military, and this will make it difficult to recruit new troops, especially since the American military operates on voluntary enlistment."

Loren Thompson, a defense analyst for the Lexington Institute, a defense think tank, said: "As the war in Iraq drags on, the Army is accumulating a collection of problems that cumulatively could call into question the viability of an all-volunteer force."

Two others from the National Guard said about the policy of "stop-loss" that, "The army had to do this because it couldn't entice soldiers to enlist."

Washington nullified the draft back in 1973, but the American military, which is made up fully of volunteers, has not since experienced a long war. So the war in Iraq poses a major and unexpected test for them. All of this indicates that those who planned this war never thought Iraq would put up a fight that could be so detrimental to their armed forces.

3. The Strength of The Nation and its Ability to Resist, Even with Small Numbers and Assets

It has become clear to everyone that studies this Nation [The Islamic Nation], throughout its history, and throughout this example in Iraq, that a great source of strength lies in this Islamic body, which stretches from the East to the West. It is an example of strength, patience, and resistance, despite the blows it takes, and despite the pain inflicted by these blows.

This Western war on the Islamic land of Iraq has laid the facts bear. The most important of these facts is the strength and firmness of the Nation, and the knowledge that when this Islamic Nation wants to oust an enemy, it can do so with almost no material means. It is as if history has repeated itself, "You do not fight them with numbers or your means, but rather you fight them with this religion."

[Editor's Note: this is a famous quote from Omar, the second Caliph of Islam. [RealVideo].

Therefore, these calamities which have mounted to destroy the vitality of the body, and the soul of its Creed, and the belief of its sons, have not affected its will. Rather, this has only increased its will to go on. These allied armies of the world, their soldiers and their machines, will never change the will of this Nation - and what they intended to be the first step in finishing it off, in ending its existence as a people and as a belief system, will never succeed.

4.  No One But its Sons Will Fight for this Nation

The greatest truth, which became evident throughout the commission of America's war-crimes in Iraq, is that when this Islamic Nation fights, it does not fight alongside its enemies and those who have occupied them. Rather it fights with its own sons; those who are ready - at any time or any land - to give their blood for the honor of the Nation.

Indeed, the sons of this Nation have affirmed - with their blood - that they are able to lift it up, and that they are ready – always - to come to its aid.

However, despite the fact that humanity has seen this sacrifice of the youth of Islam in Iraq, in the face of danger and hardship, without help, against a powerful force with greater numbers and materiel, they have kept quite silent about the crimes that have occurred.

Another important thing to note is that every realm of life has its men, and it has become clear that the palaces have their men, the dollar has its men, and the sellout has its men. Similarly, it has also become clear that Jihad and the defense of the Nation’s honor have their men - and what men!

The Extent of the Abbasid Empire, 900 A.D.

Furthermore, in order for the struggle between truth and falsehood to continue, it is necessary to gather the strength of groups and individuals to defend Islam and its identity from the dangers it faces. Each must contribute what he is able; each must contribute the fruits of his vocation; in order to achieve the goals of this Nation, and in order to achieve its safety, before the eyes of the world.

5. The Creed is What Protects the Nation from Being Lost in the Wilderness

Indeed, the Islamic creed is what plants this will to be firm in the soul of the Muslim - despite having no means - and gives him the strength to resist the oppression in the land - while facing frightening truths that are unfathomable to the human mind.  This Islamic Creed is the spiritual force which keeps the nation firm in the face of threats and danger.

It seems fitting now that the Islamic Nation remove the borders [political separation between Muslim nations] that inhibit it from being fully nourished by this creed. Surely, if it were not for this creed that the heart holds so dearly, this Nation would be lost in the wilderness, the enemy would have free access to its sons and they would infringe upon its honor and sovereignty.

6. History Never Forgets … And the Nation is Still Alive

It could possibly be fortunate that the Islamic Nation became engaged in this war, which was imposed upon it by others, especially since it is out of self-defense and the defense of its sovereignty.

Indeed, history will not forget the sacred things that have been defiled, the blood that has been spilled, and the crimes that have been committed.

History will not forget the criminals or those who helped them, or those who were quiet and benefited from all of this. History will not forget the resistance of a few of the sons of this Nation, just as it will not forget those who sat idly by. History will not forget the Nation’s self-defense against the crimes of the others.


WindowsVideoAL-JAZEERA TV, QATAR: Hamas Leader Khaled Mash'al, Explains Why Islam Will Tiumph Over the West,, February 3, 00:14:42, MEMRI

"America will be defeated in Iraq. Wherever the [Islamic] nation is targeted, its enemies will be defeated, Allah willing."

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