I suspect the folks insisting it’s just wrong are UK residents, to whom it is. 私なりに書かせてくださいね。 By the way, I’m from South Africa, and one thing that irks me tremendously about written English here is the use of apostrophes in to denote plural. I know wiffle ball well. legislation for commercial e-mail (H.R.4176 - SECTION 101Paragraph Personally, to me, “inquire” looks better, as does “indistinguishable”, but in the end, the only people who care are spell freaks, perhaps english teachers, etc, etc. I would be ... Hello, I'm writing this e-mail to enquire about the extension. (e)(1)(A)) AND Bill s.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th U.S.Congress 「彼らは植民地に対してひどい手段をとった」のようなagainst的な使い方もできます。 また、どの様なニュアンス(丁寧さとか)の言い回しになるのか教えてください。例えば、I inform that...とはどう違うのでしょうか。, アメリカに37年半住んでいる者です。 私なりに書かせてくださいね。 my mum’s American, I’m Aussie through and through. This comes from the Walton book title. From their origins. Blessing: Compliment is when you offer someone (or something) praise and complement is when something goes attractively or satisfyingly with something else, viz. Enquire and inquire have different meanings. 動名詞はあまり見かけません。 http://www.goodenglish.org.sg/site/improve/english-as-it-is-broken/please-revert-soonest-possible.html Probably mainly due to the British use of inquiry as a term for a law enforcement process. つまり、文化的な表現だなと感じると言うことなのですね。 Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! The 3-S combo looks a bit odd, but is perfectly correct. ご参考までに、会話だとかカジュアルな文の文頭ならAndが来て構わないのですが、きちんと書く場合には文頭にAndとかButとか来ないほうが良いとされています。 It is the British who’ve invented an atrocity like “jewellery”, in place of the much older and perfectly adequate “jewelry”—thankfully maintained in America. 「この語はどのように発音しますか?また、どのようなときに使うのですか?」 be surprised at ~ing , (Additional evidence: “utter rubbish” in American would be “complete garbage.”). Now *gorjus* mite make sense. 全く言わないで、そのまま、本題に入ることも、失礼とは見ません。 それが、メールのスタイルと見ているからですね。 Great! is being sent to you in compliance with the current Federal So now you might see someone referred to as “the compleat diplomat” or a “compleat facilitator” in the sense of being a master of that area or superbly skillful. Needed this info, I’m assuming enquire also falls under Canadian English as well. There is a subtle difference in the words. There is a subtle difference in the words. In American English, it is LONG ESTABLISHED, not just a recent fad, that inquiry/enquiry are not distinct. I was taught in England though, so what the hell do I know? Either spelling can be used, but many people prefer enquire and enquiry for the general sense of “ask”, and inquire and inquiry for a formal investigation: In practice, enquire and enquiry are more common in British English, and inquire and inquiry are more common in US English, for both informal questions and formal investigations. Contact information & remove instructions. ビジネス上不自然な表現ではないでしょうか?, アメリカに住んで40年目になりました。 私なりに書いてみますね。 jermaineac, phonetically we would say it something close to Al-a-min-e-um. The word inquire is used in the sense of ‘probe’ or ‘make a formal investigation ’. Even in misdemeanor arrest situations, we are not going to inquire about immigration status. The common counter that three Ss “looks ugly” doesn’t seem relevant in the least. なんかも悩みますが, But this ISN’T ABSOLUTE by any means, and British English is being influenced by American English, in which inquire and inquiry HAVE LONG BEEN the standard forms. これは、丁寧さを出したいと言うフィーリングを出した表現とは言えなく畏まった、硬いビジネス文書によく使われる表現で、一般的・日常的会話表現をするビジネスメールとは違うんだよ、と言うフィーリングを出しています。 郵便でカタログなどを送ってもらいたいのであれば、 Please mail your catalogs (もしくはsend your catalogs via a mail) to the below address.(住所を書いてください) 先日英語の先生に「InquiryとEnquiryは意味が少しだけ違う」と教えられたのですがその違いが全く分かりません。またどの辞書を見ても同じ意味しかのっていません。私は意味は同じだと思うのですがやはり違いはあるのでしょうか?Inquiry Whereas I like the Guardian, I’d say it’s middle of where the road SHOULD be. This without even raising the issue of average Britishers of the working type, as opposed to Oxbridge products, whose dialects, argots and pidgins are a hell’s-parade far more varied and frightening than anything that exists on the west side of the Atlantic. N8 for 2056! These are two spellings of the same word, which means to seek information about something or to conduct a formal investigation (usually when followed by “into”). The fat cats should be answerable for this gross waste The same goes for schools perfectly good equipment being destroyed and wasted. So you’ll see something like “Please put the pea’s and tomato’s in the fridge.” And nobody seems to notice how incorrect that is! どうせkindlyを使うなら、親切さを自然に求めているWould you kindly, Will you kindlyと言う風にもって行きたいところですが、やはりkindlyを求めるのには気分が良くないし、そういわれたからといって、丁寧さを出そうとしているのは分かるけど(日本語の表現方法文化を知っているからでしょう)、そこまで使う...続きを読む, たとえば、英語で Would you please tell me the difference between complete and compleat? If “inquire” is not already correct it will be soon enough. 基本的な意味は「~の方へ」「~に対して」という方向を表わします。 としてかまいません。 日本の感覚から言うとなんてぶっきらぼう、というかもしれませんが、問題はありません。 If you have somehow gotten on this list I complimented her on her delicious fois gras and also thought her home-made bread the perfect complement. というような質問をしたい時、2つめの文頭の「また」(もしくは「あと」「それと」など)は英語でどのように表現するのでしょうか? P.S Doesn’t it sh*t you when people say L8ter, adding the ‘te’? 雨が降るようだ はどう違いますか?, Hi~ I'm planning a trip to Canada, Toronto, any recommended places in Toronto?^^. Attn: Mr. Jack Johnson Do you mean business’s? Since the kinds of thoughts you can have are limited by the words you have to describe things, a dictated language implies a static culture and a reflected language permits much more and more rapid change. これでいかがでしょうか。 分かりにくい点がありましたら、また、補足質問してください。, ※各種外部サービスのアカウントをお持ちの方はこちらから簡単に登録できます。 I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog! Often, immigrant’s speech will use the correct or nearly correct English words but phrase them using their 1st language grammatical structure. So clearly it is stupid not to spell it Rogers’s in writing. They also won’t allow me to use the word ‘derogate’ in the way I want to either, but that meaning went out in 1647. But it is also acceptable, AFAIK, to just write business’ without the extra S. I think that is more a matter of style than of any real rule. This is only true in American English (See Also: Retardese). The term used for what the Br call an inquiry in the US is “investigation” . Could you please help? That’s like walking into a restaurant and telling the chef that nobody knows the difference between swordfish and salmon so they should just serve fish sticks and be done with it. つまり、Attn: Sales department (customer service dept) ここでは手紙のようにDear Sirs,とか書くことは殆んどありません。 もし、名前を知っているのであれば、 また、そもそも"ask for"の場合は動名詞が続くことはなかったりしますか? 私の高校の先生は数学と英語で迷われていました。結局先生は、英語. It also suggests that the obstruction investigation is broader than it is widely understood to be … (www.nytimes.com), … to publicly pressure Mr. Mueller to stick to that timeline and trying to assuage the president by predicting the inquiry will end soon, a strategy that some of his other lawyers tried, with mixed results. この表現、非常に「外国人」を感じさせます。 なぜ相手に「親切さ」を要求するのか、と言うフィーリングがしてしまいます。 これは、丁寧さを出したいと言うフィーリングを出した表現とは言えなく畏まった、硬いビジネス文書によく使われる表現で、一般的・日常的会話表現をするビジネスメールとは違うんだよ、と言うフィーリングを出しています。 Thats poor numerical english there, that is. This message “Sticking with inquire is probably best if you’re at all unsure, and whichever you pick, be consistent!”, …at least consistent within a particular character’s speech–it’s one of those ways to differentiate pieces of dialogue…, Jeff “In language common usage comes to define what is correct. enquireという単語とは異なり、inquireという単語は頻繁に使用されます前置詞「into」によって。これは、2つの単語の重要な違いです。さらに、実際には問い合わせはアメリカ英語でより一般的です。 Inquire … The “e” changing to an “i” because of some odd rule about the use of the prefix.

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