DRAFT 6ft (fin keel); 2ft5in (shoal keel/centerboard up); 5ft6in (shoal keel/centerboard down), BALLAST RATIO 32 SA/D RATIO 18 D/L RATIO 190, What do these ratios mean? Pinterest. This is where the boat really shines, as the amount of livable space below, given the boat’s LOA, is impressive. Originally founded in 1972, eyewear label Eyevan was known primarily in founder Kensuke Ishizu’s native Japan before a 1985 expansion secured global recognition.

Privacy Policy Down below, two enclosed cabins, a well-appointed galley, and a head compartment with shower complete the cruising experience. Twin rudders are also standard.

EYEVAN 7285 mod.319 SUN-121|岡山眼鏡店 . ZOOM . Among them is Jeanneau with its new Sun Odyssey 319, now the smallest in its storied line of cruising boats and a welcome addition to the market. My one quarrel with the layout on our test boat was the mainsheet arrangement. .

Sun Odyssey 319. On a boat this size you want to be able to easily reach the mainsheet from the helm. The latter is an especially good idea, as otherwise the only way to get all the way aft is to hop up and around the helm on the cockpit seats, something many will consider a hassle. The seats themselves are generously proportioned, a good 7ft long, with high cockpit coamings that provide good back support to anyone forward of the wheel. They are regions of reduced surface temperature caused by concentrations of magnetic field flux that inhibit convection. In the stronger wind, we brushed 6 knots sailing at an apparent wind angle of 45 degrees, which dropped off to just below 5 knots when we pinched to 40 degrees. To view the discussion with English subtitles, click on the closed captioning button and ...read more, The following story is part of SAIL magazine’s recent 50th-anniversary coverage. Our test boat, which came with the fixed keel, also tacked easily and lost little way coming through the wind.

ZOOM . Sun Odyssey 319. Their number varies according to the approximately 11-year solar cycle. ZOOM . Thanks to that tall coachroof, there is serious standing headroom, 6ft 4in or better, throughout the interior, including even in the forward stateroom. The sailplan on the Sun Odyssey 319, set on a Seldén mast with canvas by Technique Voile, is quite versatile and can be configured in a number of ways. It takes a good deal of pre-arrival strategizing and loads of onsite tactical execution if it’s to be a success. A secure cockpit and standard wheel steering make her the perfect family cruiser. DISTRIBUTOR Jeanneau America, Annapolis, MD, 410-280-9400, jeanneauamerica.com, PRICE $165,000 (sailaway) at time of publication, Video courtesy of the Vendeé Globe: for subtitles in English, click the “CC,” subtitles/closed caption button The Vendeé Globe fleet took off from Les Sables d’Olonne on Sunday, November 8 and has been fighting their way across the Bay of Biscay and south ever since.

The sailplan on the Sun Odyssey 319, set on a Seldén mast with canvas by Technique Voile, is quite versatile and can be configured in a number of ways.

In the standard configuration all lines from the mast, including the mainsheet, which runs off the boom via a small bridle on the coachroof, are led to pair of Harken 20 winches perched either side of the companionway. Eyevan 7285 - Round Metal Sunglasses - Mens - Silver. Access to the oil filter, for example, is poor, and to gain full access to the raw-water pump impeller housing you need to first remove the battery. Based in Sabae, a world leader in eyewear production, they benefit from cutting-edge techniques while relying on traditional craftsmanship. There’s a lot of living space belowdecks for a boat this size. Though based in part on the Polish-built Delphia 31, the Sun Odyssey 319 incorporates an all-new hull design featuring a more rounded bow forward above the entry and some crisp hard chines aft. Moving forward you’ll find some nice easy-to-grab stainless steel handrails on the coachroof, which is quite tall for a modern boat. This multiplicity of processes yields products in which the old and new combine, reflecting the unique spectrum of their Japanese heritage.. USD $465.00. Standard keel draught With her twin rudders, she’s one of the quickest turning sailboats I’ve handled and also backed down very well and in full control. Ahead of the start of the Vendée Globe, a panel of industry experts got together to discuss the trickledown effects of racing technology. try our stadium overview map ️ You can also find information about our covid-safe approved seating plans.. stadium merchandise store. Bottom line: this is a boat that can honestly accommodate four people for extended cruises and six people for shorter trips of two weeks or less. Unfortunately, the engine space is where the small size of the boat is most noticeable, as it is cramped enough to make routine maintenance a challenge.
To find out more, please visit our Privacy Policy. Underway, we made 5.6 knots at a cruise setting of 2,200 rpm and topped out at 7.8 knots with the throttle wide open at 3,700 rpm. Sunspots are temporary phenomena on the Sun's photosphere that appear as spots darker than the surrounding areas. Delivery: free Eyevan 7285.

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