For this project they collaborate with Maria Pshenichnikova (fashion designer), Haruka Shoji (Textile designer), Yoshihiro Fukhushima (structure designer), and Ksenija Voronina (preservation architect). In November 2012, when Zaha Hadid Architects’ design for Japan’s New National Stadium won an international competition, Sato returned to her homeland to work with the project’s local team. Sato is fascinated that she can use computers to design something that would be impossible to craft by hand, and she uses a 3D printer to output the intricate jewelry and accessories she designs. Some of her jewelry designs are inspired by Voronoi diagrams, where planes are divided into shapes based on the distances between a set of points on that plane. These pursuits led the young graduate to join Zaha Hadid Architects in London, where she found rigor in the complex geometries that had been designed. The Helix Ring, with its 3D design, reveals its elegant contours when viewed from different angles. For our current project, the renovation of the Russian pavilion, we have proposed to regenerate the building not only through the interior, but also to rethink its relationship with the surrounding garden, the lagoon and the city. Want a Resilient Supply Chain? The complex shapes and surprising lightness of the 3D-printed products add to their appeal. “After working at Zaha Hadid Architects for more than three years, with my 30th birthday approaching, I remember feeling a rising panic knowing that nothing I had worked on had been built yet. Jewelry designer Ai Sato. Courtesy AISATO Design. We started working here about a year ago, after we opened our office. Now is the moment where, through personal actions, community initiatives, multicultural collaborations, we may potentially find ways to address complex problems in order to find the right steps. That might be quite unknown, because this transition happened so quickly, but at the same moment it is intriguing.”, Episode 02: KASA (Kovaleva and Sato Architects). Explore the software that brings Ai Sato’s organic designs to life. Can a 3D-Printed Boat Design Inspire a Sea Change in the Marine Industry? Regardless of the level, we think it is important to extend the attention, from the individual to the global, and to take care of others. Alexandra Kovaleva Principal at KOVALEVA AND SATO ARCHITECT/ KASA Architect, junya.ishigami+associates 日本 東京都 23 区内 設計 & プラン KASA (Kovaleva and Sato Architects) has been selected out of an open call with over 100 submissions to set up their temporary office inside the Pavilion, where they will work on a reconstruction of the building during the Biennale. She was due to work at the firm’s Tokyo office for several years, but when the government withdrew support for the project, Sato had finally had enough architectural disappointments: She decided to part ways with the firm and make something on her own. We see a lot of people enjoying the view from their homes, spending time on their balconies or gardens. That is how I created my Malina Earrings.”, And just as her architectural designs were informed by nature, so are her jewelry designs. “When I use these computational design tools, I think the resulting objects are much more interesting than what I can come up with by myself,” Sato says. Nevertheless, we realize that the surroundings of our workplace, the view from the window, the sense of each season, have influenced our emotions, created our daily atmosphere in a different way, and actually helped us to adapt. Sato studied architecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, where her free-flowing design language stood apart from the more orthodox designs of her peers.

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