"All that next day I eavesdropped on the minds of everyone you spoke to, shocked that you kept your word. "You would have come," I told her. Her eyes were blank, like she was remembering something awful, and she trembled again. I parted my lips then, sucking in the air of the warm aroma that was her hand. I saw her eyes travel from my collar down to my jeans and she joined in with my laughter. “For you it is a challenge.” How little she knew herself “Promise.” I urged When boulders and downed trees were in our path I hesitated only briefly. I tried to sound playful, though I was curious. I let her lead the way then, following behind her. I didn't understand why she had to ask, didn't she know that it would cause me physical pain to hurt her now, that I loved her more than my own existence? "But I want to help, if I can, to not make this harder for you." Didn't she know that she was sending large electric shocks of pleasure through my body? If she were to stay with me, I couldn't bare to witness her terrified expression, "Don't be afraid," I said gently, "I promise..." the words were all wrong, I paused, thinking. “I’ll do my best” But there’s more… and I commanded, even though I was mostly teasing. Still irate at her I answered curtly “Nearly. "It's not only your company I crave. "You said it might cause trouble for you... us being together publicly," she reminded me. I felt a lump rise in my throat. I almost growled. Her eyes never left mine, and I watched them grow wide during my attempt to persuade her to see the deplorable creature that I am. sleeping. Did she understand? She grimaced at me as if asking me to challenge her some more. "As if you could fight me off," I said, tenderly. Carlisle sided with me, and Alice," of course, Alice was thinking I would turn her. I knew what I willed her fate to be, but the many outcomes all appeared to be impractical to me. Continue Reading Twilight - Midnight Sun: “Pleasant” I replied I smiled, thinking about how close we were to being by ourselves. I took in one more gulp of air and continued, hoping I hadn't scared her off, "And for all that, I'd have fared better if I had exposed us all that first moment, than if now, here �C with no witnesses and nothing to stop me �C I were to hurt you." I murmured. knew that this was going to be dangerous. My degrees in medicine helped me understand these types of addictions, but my addiction to Bella was still no comparison. She was light as a feather to me, almost like she wasn't there, but she was, because I could feel her warmth and her beating pulse. "Isabella." Before she noticed that I had leaned in too, I did the only thing I could to stop my passion from becoming her death and I fled. "What did Emmett do?" "Does that happen often?" I know it was weak to run away, but what else could I have done? She should be afraid though, she should fear this menacing creature in front of her. To protect it from anything and everything that would harm it. I answered without thinking, "It took everything I had not to jump up in the middle of that class full of children and - " I realized I was about to tell her that I thought about snapping all of their necks and saving her for last so I could enjoy her warm blood alone. I was now beginning to think aloud, "I should leave now. romantic history but also comforted at the same time. “And you know how Jazz feels now. My eyes found hers then. Why did she have to make everything so difficult? Bella pulled me from my distraction, "In the hospital?" “Hmmmm yes Rose. And I think you can understand that, to an extent. She had nothing to worry about though, if she were to trip, I would gladly save her from hitting the ground. I murmured. Ah, Charlie. They didn’t think of it that I felt the warm sun on my ice cold skin and hoped that it would warm up my skin so it wouldn't be abhorrent to the touch. She was dazzled, and so was I. A scowl ever present on my face by the choice of our topic. Without thinking, I propped myself up on my right arm, in a momentum that would have been unsettling to a human, but my Bella didn't move a centimeter. “And you have to leave now?” She asked in a nonchalant tone As I laid there in silence, I was breathing in her fragrance. I confessed, "I don't know if I can." forever you can't just make him love you,  She would have tried to convince me that it wasn't necessary... By the next morning I was in Alaska," chagrin was etched in my face. She just doesn’t see it more than to continue my nightly pattern and climb into Bella‘s room when her lights went out. I had brought her to me and didn't hurt her. She couldn't hear, because she asked after a minute what I was doing. Didn't she want me to bring her back? I was suddenly angry. “All right” she said in an almost challenging tone. I was pleading for forgiveness with my eyes, hoping she could see that I was sorry. I tried to encourage her to continue, "And?" that moment I was a danger to him. I feel like with each chapter I become a better writer and if it wasn't for those of you who have been reading it and reviewing I probably would have never gotten this far! We aren’t going far” I managed to say Emmett was laughing as he tried not to look over I never knew watching you fumble over a girl would be The results were juicy, devastating and dangerous… Fear not for myself but for her. We reached the school and I parked the truck easily. My lungs took in the air around us, and the scent was the most delicious fragrant. She said ruefully, and then smiled. I had never drank alcohol or did any type of drug, those things do nothing for me, but I do know what these things could do to a human. And the smell of your throat." I stopped several feet from her now, trying to bridle my flaming desires. Bella followed suit and sighed “I’ll see you tomorrow” vague unfocused answers to him made me calmer, made it easier to control the urges to annihilate the "No more than usual," she replied playfully. "Tell me why you ran from me before." “The same time as usual, then,” I asked “Will Charlie be there?” Maybe her father being at home was It was too late, her warmth hit me suddenly and I took in a deep breath. I told her. "You didn't do anything wrong, Bella. “You take care, Bella’’ Billy said. I continued to breathe in her aroma, and decided I needed a better whiff of what was driving me to crave more and more. After everything I confessed today, she still wanted to be with me, she was continually saying yes to me. My behavior that first day was something I have tried to forget, but my mind is not like a human's, I retain every last detail of every moment. She slid down to the forest floor then, and sat with her arms around her knees. I growled internally. “What’s the one thing you desperately wish the woman in your she glanced down at her clothes with panic in her voice. I snapped. Was she afraid? She grabbed my hand lightly with her free hand and was trying to turn it over. Then I pulled out my pen Maybe you just need a little push or maybe I can… - I growled under my breath I decided to leave some details out, "When you walked past me, I could have ruined everything Carlisle has built for us, right then and there. “Yes” I replied and as I raised my face, her big brown eyes looked disheartened at the thought of my “Your truck will be here, and the key will be in the ignition - unless you’re afraid someone Why did she have to want me as absolutely as I wanted her? I was instantly standing in the shade across the meadow. “I’m sorry about that. About what they WANT from women… 。クラウドに好きなだけ写真も保存可能。, このショッピング機能は、Enterキーを押すと商品を読み込み続けます。このカルーセルから移動するには、見出しのショートカットキーを使用して、次の見出しまたは前の見出しに移動してください。, Le livre m'est arrivé mais l'impression est faite à l'envers. headed out the door “Don’t forget to put the key back under the eave, Alice” I called behind me but her Well Charlie seemed fixed on the game now as Bella came through to the room with that boy, Jacob She bit at her lower lip and instantly I wondered what her lower lip would taste like. I began thinking of how I could explain what her blood does to me. I imagined moving my lips from her neck to her ear where I would whisper how much I loved her. Be safe I heard Charlie and Billy talking about some fishing trip. Every one of his erratic thoughts were a crazy I was the only one who was masochistic here. I wanted to explain this to her since the first time I came back to school, to explain the reasons for loathing her so much that first day. She was worried about my safety, "So you're worried about the trouble it might cause me �C if you don't come home?" Who were you, an insignificant little girl" �C I smiled at the fact that I ever thought her insignificant because she was the most significant thing in my world, "to chase me from the place I wanted to be? "I wanted you to forget my behavior that first day, if possible, so I tried to talk with you like I would with any person. She was incredibly warm and electricity was throbbing through me. yet but obviously I do” She didn’t sound convincing and her thoughts betrayed her. I became impatient and grabbed for her, making sure I was gentle. My smile returned. This for example" she caressed my hand then and the warmth sent electricity up my spine and down to my toes, "seems to be all right." So my sudden rush had left Emmett wide eyed as I disappeared into the forest so fast that I I watched her squint her eyes and look impatient. Monday-Friday 11-6 . But don't worry. I froze. Bölüm izle, Apgujeong Midnight Sun 15. Her delectable scent made the monster inside me initiate it's slow clawing up my throat. I didn’t speak I didn't want to bring her back and she was eager to tempt me to do just that. Her silvery bell chime voice shaking slightly. I tried to explain. "I can be patient �C if I make a great effort." she asked incredulous. Immediately his mind hit me like a bulldozer. About Bella and me. "What are you afraid of, then?" Abruptly, a lump entered my throat at the thought of letting her see my crystal like skin reflecting in the sunlight. "Okay then," she replied breezily. I felt her tremble and was immediately concerned that I had said too much. "I thought you couldn't read my mind," she mocked. "You know what I mean." My action had only placed me but a few inches from her glorious face. She was back in an instant “Ready?” She I stared into her eyes and smiled, hoping she would realize that I wasn't lying. Maybe this was something that was more human than vampire. She had a smug look on her face. "You can't imagine how that feels." I could hear how hard her heart was working, trying to get the blood to her body as quickly as possible. silencing her thoughts abruptly. When I realised what I was doing I turned and walked away without another word. Michael gave me a tiny peek at the survey results and I "What's wrong?" Electricity exploded in me and it took every fiber of my being not to move those few extra inches and place my lips to her delicate ones. I asked, making sure she realized that I was still sorry for my mistake. Contrary not “If this ends… badly” I let my head drop into my hands. At that moment, a light breeze enhanced what I was thinking. Of course not. I laughed so loudly that it echoed through the forest. she pondered. "No, it wasn't bad...for me." She didn't notice. I said. Fear, I scoffed internally. subject. Her finger tips moved from my chin to my eyelids. And you try to be safe” I cautioned A danger to Bella, not at that moment. Instantly, I had to know... "Without a doubt," she replied "Well?" She looked behind at the table where my siblings sat. She never moved, but all too soon I was releasing her. I assume you told Alice?" He was positive that I was a danger to Bella.Hah! The current of electricity was now going in one hand and out the other, being released and zapping again with our touches, like we were meant to be joined together. thoughts were almost identical. Never before this." "I guess I know," she said, taking the burden off my shoulders. She thought I was being false. I didn't want to look away from her, but my thirst for her touch was growing. It was easier outside, when I couldn't smell you anymore, to think clearly, to make the right decision.

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