This is detected by dropping any item that doesn't have a object name on its form or is marked as non-playable. - When selling items, you can no longer give followers magical weapons or armor to sell. This refreshes the follower's weapons. I want to make this aware to you, in the event that some other mod affects this. - Follower Attack Damage multiplier allows for finer adjustments. Since this is new, you will have to tweak followers again if you don't want specific ones to use a horse provided by NFF. - Home Base Creation and Management - Really too much to go into in depth here, it's all in the PDF guide. - A one-time maintenance will copy all old favorites (from the 1 list previously) to the new system into the first list. - You can now adjust the Hiring Cost for Expendable Recruits. - Follower Sandbox: Sandbox marker now placed 128 units from player (up from 64). I would turn off Walk/Run Interpolation if you are using dynamic speed. - Aggression change from 2.3.1 where it is only set "in combat" has been reverted. - Corrected Stealth Tiers display in the MCM. - Currently no support for minions/conjured creatures. It's a bit too efficient now because we don't have the package delay. - Selling process now manually starts scene. - Sort Slots now handles animal followers properly. - Friendly fire now stops its friendly opponent from attacking. If you want to handle making someone a blade, put them in the game slot. Otherwise this is greyed out. - Added PlayerFollowerFaction and CurrentFollowerFaction to friendly fire conditions. Headwear and shield equipping options are moved here, under Equipping Actions. You do not need to start a new game or dismiss followers, etc. - Toggling Auto-Teleport in the MCM now refreshes the page. Changes to followers that are currently waiting will be applied within a few seconds. -- Tavern Drinking - Followers now do a "give idle" after receiving a drink from a server. It is somewhat simple at this time but may be expanded in the future. Followers are set to be semi-transparent while in this mode, but you can change the alpha in the MCM (1.0 being solid). This was only a visual setting, no real gameplay change here. -- Combat Range and Retreat/Attack will still work as before. - Follower Follow Package: Avoidance baked-in for responsiveness. - There can be some lag when using some hotkeyed features in NFF that bring up menus on a targeted follower (Set Gear, Trade, etc). These are things like optimizations I'd like to do, smoothing out of some features and occasional weird bugs. - Can be hotkeyed and also can be used in the command followers ability. - This is kind of a big change but due to erratic behavior caused by using custom packages, it had to be addressed as it might be partially the cause of followers occasionally not fighting (because they are bugging out). - Some player actions will prompt followers to comment. Aggression is restored if the player stops sneaking or a follower/player is attacked. - You can now choose 3 Switching Methods for Outfits: Auto, Toggle and Menu. This will now remove Imported, Expendable or Normal Followers from the framework. - At the forge, under the Jewelry section, you can now craft a "NFF Ignore Token" for followers. -- If you toggle them on and have not yet completed their requirement, once you do and you enter a new location, they will be enabled (uses Change Location event). - Calm Followers power now has a dual function. - Sandbox Toggle only turns sandbox on or off at this time, no other settings. - Candlelight when cast by a follower lasts 3 minutes in game time. - Auto-Looting now refreshes weapons on followers when completing to fix a bug where idles used by the looting AI package can cause a weapon to get stuck and a follower to not fight. Bolts are now supported. - Now checking for None instance of a form before using GetItemCount. - Raised Maximum History to 100 former followers (up from 50). - Fixed some issues involving start and end times for work, relax and sleep where conditions weren't properly being evaluated in home bases. Returning to the follower's original outfit will return the actual physical outfit items to the player's inventory. This splits the larger follower AI package into smaller packages and runs them at a higher priority. - Mousing over Adventuring Gear items will show their name, armor rating, type (light, heavy, none) and slots they occupy. - Refresh Weapons now handles equipped spells on game load. OnHit event no longer in use as it was actually too fast and efficient and not preventing combat. - Note: You will have to use the move somewhere dialogue (if available) to move your spouse. -- An example of seeing this in 2.4.6 is to have a follower that uses a 2-handed weapon and also carries a torch at night. - Crafting/Interaction cooldown design has changed. - If you set the number lower than the current limit and you currently have followers, they are flushed from the framework, after which you can reaquire them. Nether's Follower Framework is designed as a simple, multi-follower system that is light on game resources and allows for up to 5 companions at one time. - MCM text for "Ensure Combat Ends" now correctly states that it defaults to Off. - Healing and Taunting interval increased to 6 seconds, up from 4 (reduce spam). - It may never reach a point where it is 100% accurate but it is better than no support at all. - Reduced action delay in some dialogues from 1.0 to 0.5. I really like it for testing the strength of followers against each other or testing NFF's combat styles or even seeing how well you fare against your followers. NFF will still function without ConsoleUtil, a detection system is implemented. 【Skyrim SE】複数のフォロワーが使える『Nether’s Follower Framework』を使ってみた . - Rebuilt sandbox routine to be more efficient and include crafting checks. The more followers you have, the longer this process takes. However, most followers in the game and downloaded are Essential, so this will make no difference at all. Home Bases still needs a slight overhaul (in progress). This simulates a blacklist feature. - More comprehensive checking of "3D is loaded" and dead or invalid actor. Examples: Apocrypha, Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, etc. - The previous Adventuring Gear system has been removed. - New Command Followers menus show history count in the menu's title area. - Dispelling light no longer uses casting animations. This is sort of a relationship system in that it determines the bond that develops between you and your followers as you adventure and fight alongside of them. It is "all or nothing" for now (can't be set on individual followers). I recommend you remove this entry as base packages should not be changed unless that is the point of the mod. - Followers can now craft 3-5 torches at a time if less than 8 torches are in their inventory. - It takes a few moments for this menu to build as locations are read in real time. - The startup messages (Performing Startup Tasks/Tasks Complete) are shown to give you an idea when it is safe to engage in normal gameplay and especially when it is safe to save your game. Be aware that "This variable will be skipped." - Adventuring Gear formlists (slots) have been reworked and are now more reliable. - If a follower is selling items and in an interior cell, they will be teleported out after 10 seconds. - For followers in the Healer Role, you can now disable healing the player, healing self or healing other followers by setting Player Healing Percent, Self Healing Percent or Other Healing Percent to 0.0 in the MCM menu, under System. - This may be useful if you want to have a pack mule follower or a healer that never engages with the enemy. - ESL flag removed from optional LE spell esps, just in case there may be issues. Instead, their horse is matched according to their slot position (Alias ID's are identical). While in their inventory, they cannot be imported or exported. If you have previously used "Enhance Sneaking Alpha" at a value different than 1.0, set it to 1.0 first, as this feature is removed. - It does not work if using Use Default Combat on a follower. - Follower package stack is evaluated when entering a new cell. This affects dialogue concerning Sparring, Recruit, Dismiss, Import, Export. I would just set one size of the history you want and just leave it there. - Applying and removing outfits is done mainly with game dialogue, in order to handle dynamic options that change depending on whether or not the follower you are talking to has an outfit and which ones. Export is shown as "[Remove from Framework (Export)]". This is mainly an efficiency tweak. This one can be freely traded if you want to give her a hood if you want it on in combat. - Auto-Teleport now overrides sandboxing followers if the follower is in a different cell from the player and meets the range requirement. - Please note that if it appears that some followers are sandboxing and some are not (and there are not other circumstances, like specific follower settings, etc) it is likely that some followers simply cannot find objects to interact with. - Raised Sandbox range of followers in Home Bases from 4096 to 8192. - Selling now uses the Gift interface instead of the Trading interface. - Added a dummy version of the script "nwsFollower_StealthPKS" to prevent orphan script errors when using a save cleaner. -- A follower's horse will disappear when they are dismissed, even if they are set to stay around (there is a finite number of horses). - It takes a little getting used to but pay attention to what is selected. This should speed up them catching up when fast traveling or entering a new cell. Defaults to unvoiced shout. - Perk list visual space in the MCM now better balanced. - Note: If you read Papyrus logs, there will be a huge number of skipped variables at your next game load with the above change. You will be shown a trade menu, similar to how Adventuring Gear worked. - Teleport on demand minimum range reduced from 512 to 256. Crafting/Interaction quests are stopped as well. It is more of a roleplay feature but has some benefits at certain ranks. It will stay off even if you do not change her armor. Using "Dismiss All" with the command ability will also perform a flush. If manually installing, remove this file (otherwise you can receive duplicate blades outfits). - You can turn on or off helmet management in the headhear submenu of "Set Gear/Inventory". The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. - Follower Alias Script: All object-based Events are now filtered by type. - Follower in the Tank role no longer taunts if there is only one enemy. - Taunt now keeps dragons grounded for 12 seconds (taunt duration). - You can now turn off "Interactive Gearing", where the follower thanks you and so on. This would fire off if it was detected that the follower was not in the playerfollowerfaction. Examples are tokens from FlowerGirls and hidden physics objects for SMP. -- Dialogue is activated under System in the MCM. It is up to you to remember to remove them from the framework with the dialogue option. When inactive, prevents any accidental editing. - Potion Recovery should now work if Disable Bleedout Recovery is enabled. - You can now set work, relax and sleep times in the MCM. - Followers can now Craft Potions. - You can now summon all actors that are part of a favorite group. - A great deal of code was freed up and there is less weight on parts of the system that ran conditionally that involved this. -- When you set adventuring gear, an attempt is made to only remove their outfit, instead of removing everything. Updates FollowerAliasScript. - Regard Courage spell and spell effect removed. This affects all Healer Role followers and cannot be set individually at this time. - Removed cleanly from the system, further cleaning with xEdit 4.02. - Hearthfires fix to hiring Steward (BYOHHouseBuildingScript). -- Followers that can loot plants will gather from bushes and trees. - Once the player performs tailHorseDismount or JumpStandingStart (CH) animation, animation event will be signalled to the follower, causing them to dismount and horses disabled (if allowed via NFF options). You can also elect, and the safest route, is to take all the wearable items out by trading with the follower first, especially if these are unique items (Gloves of the Pugulist is one I had trouble with myself). Should be stable. This is similar to earlier versions of the tavern scene breaking.

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