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September 2005

The 'Political Lunacy' of Iran and Syria

September 20, 2005 // Arab Times - Kuwait - English

SOME schizophrenic leaders thrive on challenges and stoke the emotions of their people with promises of impossible dreams. Such leaders claim to possess power, which they don't have, and dare to challenge leaders of superpowers. Former Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser, who was an avid follower of this style of [Read more]

America Brought This War, But Iraqis Must Die In It

September 18, 2005 // Azzaman - Iraq - English

To persuade Americans that the "war on terror" is worth the price in money and human life, the U.S. administration keeps telling them that Iraq has become the hub for terrorists all over the world. The U.S. administration says that Americans will remain safe so long as U.S. troops remain in that country, fighting the [Read more]

Why Is the King of Pop Here?

September 4, 2005 // - Kuwait - English

Why is the King of Pop here? Why did he arrive in the Arabian Peninsula? Was he invited by VIP fans who wanted to give him a break from the misery and long court sessions in California so he could bask in the Bahrain sun? As the King suffers from an unusual skin disease known as whiter-whiter-whiter, I don't think he [Read more]