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Global perspective, a relentless news cycle featuring one of the most heart-stopping periods in American history, foreign languages, politics, attitude. All in one place, every day. This is Watching America and you can be part of it.

Watching America is an internationally acclaimed current events website that culls opinion about, and analysis of, the United States from the world’s press, and publishes translations in English. We do that in order to provide true, unfiltered foreign perspective of what the world thinks of current issues involving the U.S. Watching America has no political agenda, but intends simply to reflect as accurately as possible how others perceive the country by translating articles to which the English-speaking public would not normally have access. Watching America has been featured on the BBC, NPR, the Christian Science Monitor and der Spiegel, and is followed by governments around the world.

Our team includes academics, journalists, thought leaders, students, lawyers, actors, accomplished translators, expats and passionate linguists who remain with us as active contributors for years. And we are all volunteers. Everyone who gives their time and talent to Watching America is highly valued and we respect your professional and personal commitments. We are also happy to provide recommendation letters to those seeking further academic or professional opportunities.

We are looking for volunteer translators, editors, English content researchers and social media experts to contribute to this extraordinary project. for Please see the position descriptions below and contact us if you’re interested in joining our team. Thank you also for sharing these opportunities with friends and colleagues.

For Translators

We currently have openings for volunteer translators in several languages including Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Hebrew, German, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Urdu, Mandarin, Norwegian, Korean and African languages, particularly Swahili.

Applicants complete a translation test from the language(s) of their choice into English. If selected, volunteers then find and translate at least one article every two weeks. Translators work with our experienced team of editors and proofreaders, who provide feedback and help polish translation skills. Working with Watching America also affords those interested in professional translation an invaluable chance to build their reputation and translation portfolios with pieces published on our website.

Translators receive a byline on every published article. Once you have translated for us on a regular basis, we are delighted to provide recommendation letters to anyone pursuing further educational or career opportunities.

Interested? Please email publisher, Robin Koerner, at info [at] watchingamerica [dot] com, stating which language(s) you wish to test in.


For Editors

Watching America editors play a critical role in making sure translated copy reads properly in American English. Although foreign language skills can be helpful, they are not required.

The work offers ample opportunity to develop sophisticated news judgment, editing expertise, team leadership and deadline management skills. The work also provides the chance to build a volunteer’s resume by working for the only online aggregator of translated and English content foreign news about the United States. Editors receive a publication byline on every article they edit.

Applicants are required to complete an editorial test following AP Stylebook rules. If selected, they are asked to commit an hour each day, five days a week, to editing translated articles as associate editors. They will work with our international team of translators providing feedback, and helping translators polish their translation skills. Full editors are able to supervise a specific language group and often develop rewarding relationships with translators who live all over the world. Those interested in an editorial career get an invaluable chance to build their portfolios with pieces published on our website, and we are happy to provide recommendation letters to those experienced editors seeking further academic or professional opportunities. Our team includes accomplished academics, lawyers, journalists, archivists, historians and passionate linguists who often remain with us as active contributors for years.

Interested? We hope so. Please email us at info [at] watchingamerica [dot] com.


For English Content Researchers

We are currently seeking volunteer content researchers who can identify the most credible and compelling commentary about the U.S. in English language news sources based in the U.K., Africa, Europe and Asia. If you are reading English opinion pages in foreign sources, we’d love to hear from you.

We ask that content researchers commit to submitting as much current and provocative English language commentary as possible once a week, the number of articles and courses to be determined by the region they choose to cover. The role offers the opportunity to apply news judgment and deadline management skills, and provides the chance to build one’s resume by working for the only online aggregator of translated and English language foreign commentary about the United States.

If you like the idea of bring­ing commentary to the English-speaking world that might not otherwise be read in the United States – commentary that will be seen by pol­icymakers and thought leaders — then please write to us.

Please send a brief email and resume to info [at] watchingamerica [dot] com.


For Social Media Marketing Experts

We are looking for a volunteer social media marketing expert who will drive traffic to our website and grow our audience on multiple platforms. You are reliable, a critical thinker, a meticulous writer, serious about deadlines and more than someone with a Facebook or Twitter account. You are a consistent producer and know your way around the digital media landscape, knowing what, when and how to post to maximize followers, reach and engagement. Most of all, you are willing to make a reasonable but serious time commitment to this important role. The ideal applicant will sign on for at least six months, preferably longer, and be available to work remotely an average of approximately five hours each week.

The work offers ample opportunity to build your resume with marketable experience managing a dynamic social media operation for the only online aggregator of translated foreign opinion and commentary about the United States.

Among other tasks, the successful applicant will be responsible for:

  • Building and retaining Watching America readership
  • Monitoring, enhancing and posting on Watching America’s Facebook, Twitter and potentially other platforms
  • Engaging with new audiences

If this sounds like you, please email Publisher Robin Koerner, at info [at] watchingamerica [dot] com and let us know who you are.

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