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U.S. Must Repair Iraq’s Infrastructure, Or Else …

October 25, 2007 // Azzaman - Iraq - Arabic

Any observer can see that over the past five years, Washington has tried to ally itself with all parties in Iraq. At the height of hostilities, the U.S entered into alliances with every possible faction in order to put itself in a position to escape its predicament. Although at one point, through its former civil [Read more]

Why Baghdad Can’t Please Turks or Kurds

October 16, 2007 // Azzaman - Iraq - Arabic

The Turkish crisis involving the Kurdish Labor Party [PKK ] in northern Iraq raises the following question: How will the Government in Baghdad deal with crises when they arise in the southern Shiite region, the Sunni area in the middle of the country, or in any other part of Iraq's national territory? [Read more]
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