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January 2009

Ex-Prisoner Relates Horror Lived in Guantanamo

January 31, 2009 // La Nacion - Argentina - Spanish

...Barack Obama’s decision to close the detention center was very well received by this Chinese Muslim of Uyghur ethnicity, sheltered now in Albania, who assured that “the sooner they close Guantanamo, the better."

How To Be Obama

January 31, 2009 // Financial Times - Deutschland - Germany - German

“I’m going to do it!” cried my colleague, Schnabel. “What,” I asked. “Be the German Obama,” Schnabel said. He had just read somewhere that in a “Stern” Magazine survey, three out of four Germans thought a politician like Obama would be good for Germany. “It’s just as well that you’re doing [Read more]

Obama’s Implacable Opposition

January 31, 2009 // die Zeit - Germany - German

Tax money used to improve infrastructure, to build new roads and repair schools, for early childhood development and health care, to develop alternative energy sources and public transportation was and still is to them an expression of liberal wastefulness and therefore the work of Satan.

Obama: Keeping an Eye on Iraqi Voters

January 31, 2009 // Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany - German

It was one of Obama’s biggest campaign promises: withdrawal of “combat forces” from Iraq within 16 months. He promised to give the Pentagon that new mission on his first day in office: one to two brigades would be withdrawn every month. He formulated that policy when Iraq was still a bloody battlefield [Read more]
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