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January 2014

A New Era at the Fed

January 31, 2014 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

The resignation of Ben Bernanke from the Federal Reserve of the United States (better known as “the Fed”) begins a phase of that institution very different from the one in place since the financial crisis began in the summer of 2007. The main feature that differentiates the period beginning under Chair Janet Yellen [Read more]

Looking at Surveillance

January 31, 2014 // Folha de Sao Paulo - Brazil - Portuguese

In his speech about the activities of the National Security Agency on Friday, President Barack Obama did what he could to maintain a line of balance between demands for more control over the actions of surveillance and the realistic admission that surveillance is an activity in which all countries engage, not just the [Read more]

The Answer Will Not Do

January 31, 2014 // Dagens Nyheter - Sweden - Swedish

It seems to have been difficult for President Barack Obama to relate to Edward Snowden. The National Security Agency whistleblower has become the-man-who-is-not-to-be-mentioned-by-name in the White House. But in last Friday’s speech on surveillance intelligence, the security agency and the NSA’s methods, the [Read more]

Republicans Will Present ‘an Alternative to Obamacare’

January 31, 2014 // The Voice of Russia - Russia

If Republicans really want to help the average American they could try to dismantle the cartels operating in the healthcare industry and stimulate the prosecution of companies that force American consumers to pay exuberant prices for medicines and medical procedures.
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