The U.S. has agreed to sell Pakistan a billion dollars’ worth of military equipment that includes modern war helicopters and missiles; Pakistan's request to purchase American arms — including 15 Viper helicopters and 1,000 Bullfighter missiles — was accepted by the U.S. State Department. It may be kept in mind that U.S. defense companies experience a three-way tussle when selling arms to Pakistan: China and Russia have to be considered on the one hand; the fear of offending India, on the other, has often made the U.S. hesitant of selling arms to Pakistan.

As far as our beloved homeland is concerned, Pakistan has always focused on the U.S. and turned to it when in need of arms. Whether it is the purchase of F-16s or other kinds of arms, Pakistan has always approached the U.S. about this matter. The USA, however, every now and then, places announced and unannounced sanctions against Pakistan. Even recently, Pakistan was under unannounced U.S. sanctions, whereupon Pakistan approached China and other countries, and entered into defense pacts with Russia. Seeing this, the U.S. was forced to remove the sanctions related to arms from Pakistan. The lifting of sanctions against Pakistan is actually in the interest of both Pakistan and America. On the one hand, the U.S. secures financial gain by selling its arms; Pakistan, at the same time, secures arms for its defense.

One fact that cannot be ignored is that our enemy, India, is very clever and is always seeking to accumulate hordes of armory. This makes it necessary for Pakistan, also, to not lag behind in securing the most modern weaponry — whichever source we can get it from. We should certainly purchase arms from the USA, but we should also complete pacts made with other countries in this regard and continue with such pacts.