This traveling circus in the United States is particular to the American people, whom the clever media control by exciting the party bases. With what? With a person worn down by politics, a person who has influenced affairs and obtained a high-ranking position in society and the world. Hasn’t Hillary Clinton burst through major doors in various capitals around the world? And aren’t the recollections in her famous book some of the most stirring ever told? Then there is Trump, hiding in his fame and marvelous record. His sole aspiration now is for history to revolve around him, fulfilling his long-held ambition. However, Trump won’t stray from the script of those who preceded him in the presidency. And when we, as Arabs, say that George W. Bush was the dumbest president and the worst for us Arabs and our Iraq, he doesn’t bear these charges alone. In the end, he worked as part of an executive team, complete with serious input from American and — sadly — Arab decision makers.

I do not want to get into American politics generally, but only what pertains to our region. Who from the parties competing for the presidency has a point of view that differs from the others vis-a-vis Arabs, Israel and the Palestine question? All previous attempts that claimed a solution for Palestine made Israeli nerves tighten and caused Palestinian hopes to die. The substance of American talks and goals will become clear to whomever is able to broach the topic of meetings between American representatives and Palestinian leaders, because it’s important not to upset Israel, or make Israel doubt the American position — or else.

Then there are the Arabs who characterize President Obama as more delicate in his dealings with the region than other presidents. The truth is that he was the smartest in his use of soft power which led to the major destruction of states and people in the region. By his own admission, President Obama made a mistake in Libya. Tomorrow, he will be saying the same about Syria, and after that another Arab state. All of them are against the Arabs, whether they are Democrats or Republicans. All of them are against the Arabs so long as it improves their image. Otherwise the sword of sanctions is ready and waiting. But we must understand that the Middle East, according to the United States, is a theater of operations in which it creates and cultivates its aura — a demonstration of American greatness before the world. There isn’t a place on earth for these descriptions, so why are the two parties competing for the American presidency quarreling about a region in which the United States has achieved everything that it strives for?

It’s all a lie then. The revolving media game in the United States is only a domestic competition over the historical legacy of the two parties. As for everything abroad, the average American doesn’t care — even about the relationship with Israel. A few days ago, I encountered some Americans coming from the United States and, lo and behold, they were neutral about everything going on outside their country. All they talked about were taxes, health and making ends meet. In the end, the United States is a haven for citizens who feel that they are on a continent disconnected from the world. And if it is connected, it isn’t to help the world, but rather to fulfill its own special interests.