Donald Trump is really lucky. He has gained billions in wealth, great popularity and the hands of a few attractive ladies. And to top it all off, he is running for president in the U.S. — not in Poland. Because he would actually not stand a chance in our country.

In Poland, according to poll results presented today in Rzeczpospolita, Hillary Clinton would score an overwhelming victory over him today. She would get several times more support in all age groups, with one exception — the youngest one (18 to 24-year-olds), in which the votes are distributed more or less equally. But young people like to be different.

The survey results are surprising. After all, Poles are in a great anti-establishment mood: They too do not want immigrants, especially Muslims. So where does this pitiful support for Donald Trump, who has many “Polish” characteristics, come from? And where does the love for his opponent, who is a symbol of the liberal elite, come from? A frivolous answer is that it is all about the first name.

And a serious answer? Poles who were asked for their opinion cannot make a real choice. This in turn means that they do not care what kind of taxes the new president will introduce in the United States. But they do care whether the new U.S. president will introduce new order in the world. In this respect, Trump raises concern, and in some people, terror.

From his often incoherent statements [we glean] the fact that he is planning to dismantle the most important institutions built by the West, starting with the World Trade Organization and ending with NATO. He would also make deals with Vladimir Putin without taking into account the interests of the countries of our region, nor, what is more important, U.S. obligations toward them. Trump is getting ready [to launch] great experiments threatening the security of Poland. The fact that such a large majority of Polish people do not want his experiments is very rational.

There is only one thing left [to ask]. Would Trump as a president fulfill his promises? After all, Barack Obama promised us he would abolish visas.