Democrats in the U.S. are demanding the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for speaking to the Russian ambassador during the election, while Sessions was still a senator.

Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump, stepped down earlier as the result of similar accusations. Have Americans gone crazy in their search for a "Russian connection"?

First, this demonstrates the extreme weakness of the defeated American elite. On the one hand, such irrational negativity toward Russia can be explained as a lingering Cold War era reflex. On the other hand, it could be an attempt to cover up the failure of U.S.-Russia policy in the 1990s and 2000s. Back then, the Americans ruined any chances of rapprochement or creating a positive world order through their moralizing and unwillingness to respect our national interests. Put simply, the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations "lost" Russia. Now they are trying to cover their behinds by demonizing us in every way possible.

Secondly, the defeated elites are using the "Russian connection" to try to attack Trump and eventually topple him. For the same purpose, he is being pushed into starting new conflicts, so that he, if he proves his toughness, is stuck in some new fight. In this case, suspicions of "Kremlin relations" are being used merely as a means of applying pressure.

The Americans themselves have carried out subversive activities in other countries for many years. They have toppled governments, hacked computer systems, etc. Now, however, they are outraged by the nefarious activities of "Russian hackers." I would have been fine, by the way, if our hackers really did break into the Democratic Party's servers. It would have been a good lesson for them. The Americans should finally understand: those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Will harassing Trump and his team really put a halt to improving relations with Russia? Trump himself considers restored cooperation with Moscow to be a good and useful thing, but it is not his first priority. Trump sees that his enemies are trying to destroy him by playing the Russia card. So now, he is focusing on internal issues. For now, it is more important to him to improve the American economy. It seems that he is ready to temporarily sacrifice his idea of improving relations with Russia, which would be good for both America and Russia. I am not even sure if it is worth it for Putin and Trump to meet until the U.S. president turns things around in his own country. For now, negotiating with him will be difficult and dangerous.