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Trump vs Pakistan

February 22, 2020 // Dawn - Pakistan

But if Pakistan sets its own house in order, reduces dependency on the IMF and takes care of the FATF issue, this would deny Washington the use of its financial leverage and enhance Pakistan’s bargaining position.

Now, Kem Chho Donald

February 19, 2020 // The Statesman - India

In societal and political terms, both the United States and India are in a state of unprecedented polarization. Yet, the style of governance style, instincts and fundamentals of both leaders are individually aligned and proximate.

Why Trump Is Wooing Indian Americans

February 17, 2020 // Hindustan Times - India

For those who ask why should he care about a tiny minority of 1%, Indian Americans were, and continue to be, a factor in the changing demographics and politics of states driven by immigrants.

Acquittal and After

February 10, 2020 // The Statesman - India

America will have to wait till November to be convinced that Trump is indestructible, one who deserves what he calls 'full exoneration.'
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