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Time to Warn the U.S. Against War on Iran

May 1, 2008 // - India - English

If you Google “US”+”War”+”Iran”+”Reports” you should get over three million hits, articles and reports warning of imminent US attack on Iran, including Iranian nuclear facilities. This is the first time that a nuclear facility will be bombed and there is a strong indication that the US will use depleted [Read more]

Indo-U.S. Interaction: Making a Mountain out of a Molehill

April 26, 2008 // The Tribune - India - English

WHEN then US Secretary of Defence, William Perry, came to New Delhi in January, 1995, to sign the first Indo-US Minute on Defence Cooperation, neither side could ever visualise that professional engagement between the armed forces of the two countries would progress to the level that it has. The agreement was signed [Read more]

Pulled Up Short

April 19, 2008 // The Hindu - India - English

Barack Obama will not be mistaken if he thinks that fate is treating him in the same way it dealt with the squirrel in Ice Age, the cartoon movie

Lady Madonna, Children at Her Feet

April 8, 2008 // The Hindustan Times - India

Quite clearly, adopting children from ‘emerging economies’ is all the rage these days among the glitterati in the orphan-less West. That not too many folks here are adopting our own poor tots is a great encouragement for the likes of Madonna and Angelina to descend on Indian cribs

Competition in the Air

April 6, 2008 // The Hindu - India

The “open skies” agreement heralds a common external policy on air transport for the EU’s 27 states, replacing many bilateral pacts with the U.S.
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