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Modi, Trump Take Ties To a More Robust Level

March 3, 2020 // Deccan Chronicle - India

President Trump was at his restrained best in India, conscious that he was held in high esteem by the Indian public. (Some 56% of Indians view him positively, which exceeds his favorable rating back home.)

Indispensable Partnership

February 24, 2020 // Hindustan Times - India

The bedrock of the relationship is simple enough: India and the U.S. share a remarkably similar vision of how they would like the world to evolve in the coming decades.

Trump vs. Pakistan

February 22, 2020 // Dawn - Pakistan

[I]f Pakistan sets its own house in order, reduces dependency on the IMF and takes care of the FATF issue, this would deny Washington the use of its financial leverage and enhance Pakistan’s bargaining position.
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