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Aid for the Right Reasons

October 24, 2019 // The Jerusalem Post - Israel

Rather than outright handouts, the aid package the US provides to Israel requires that 74% of these funds must be spent on the acquisition of US defense equipment, services and training.

The King Messiah Trump

August 30, 2019 // The Jerusalem Post - Israel - English

. If all his “loyalty” measures weren’t offensive enough, President Donald J. Trump, our Tweeter-in-Chief, has now, well recently, also posted on his favorite social media site a bit of grand theological-political flattery from Wayne Allyn Root, a failed libertarian presidential candidate and fridge purveyor of [Read more]

Trump without Borders

August 28, 2019 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

<i>Benjamin Netanyahu gives in to the demands of the U.S. leader and bans two members of Congress from entering Israel.</i> The 2020 presidential campaign in progress is a dangerously exciting one catering to Donald Trump's worst instincts. His latest move, calling on Israel to ban two Democratic members of [Read more]
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