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Boris Johnson

G-7’s Poor Menu: Trump’s Corn, Macron’s Wine

September 14, 2019 // - Bulgaria - Bulgarian

It was as if you were in a pub, and about to reward your thirst with another alcoholic trophy, and as you take an Olympic sip to finish the glass, the waiter preemptively ends your future alcoholic ambitions by strongly hinting that the establishment is closing. Here's how one observer feels about the Group of [Read more]

Demagogues in Power

September 9, 2019 // Les Echos - France - French

..[T]he scales of values are changing, and we are getting increasingly used to raging tweets, to abrasive decisions, and even to insults.

Oxford Crimes

September 8, 2019 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

Politicians like Trump or Johnson have not prospered despite their insolence and racist jokes, but rather thanks to them.

Populist Wave Crashes over International Relations

July 29, 2019 // Oman Daily Observer - Oman - English

From Donald Trump to Boris Johnson, the group of world leaders with an anti-system stance bordering on populism grows ever more powerful, crashing over global diplomacy and threatening multilateralism and international cooperation. For many observers, the “populist wave” sweeping democratic countries claimed its [Read more]

Boris Johnson and the Triumph of Gullibility

July 28, 2019 // The Jordan Times - Jordan - English

US President Donald Trump has already proclaimed that Boris Johnson, Britain’s new prime minister, is popular because he is seen as “Britain Trump” (sic). After all, both politicians are widely seen as having a “populist” style. For cynics, this implies a willingness to tell blindingly obvious untruths if [Read more]

Interesting Times Ahead with Trump, Boris on Top

July 25, 2019 // The Standard - Kenya - English

After his election yesterday, Boris Johnson will become UK prime minister beginning today. Unsurprisingly, immediately he was elected, an ecstatic US President Donald Trump tweeted his congratulations to the former London mayor, saying: "He will be great!" Trump, who fell out with Theresa May after UK's envoy in [Read more]
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