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The Pointless War

September 2, 2019 // El País - Colombia - Spanish

It is an eye for an eye that threatens to reverse decades of efforts to build the globalization of trade and the exchange of goods and services among all nations of the world.

Our Typical Traditions

November 29, 2018 // El País - Spain - Spanish

<i>In Spain, we’ll end up celebrating Thanksgiving, eating turkey and drinking hot cider.</i> Tonight is Thanksgiving. Thousands of families gather around the table to eat. Friends and acquaintances may also be invited so they’re not alone on such an important day. The main dish is roasted turkey with cranberry [Read more]

The Choice

October 12, 2018 // El Punt Avui - Spain - Catalan

The isolation and protectionism promoted by President Trump are the clearest manifestation of the retreat of the United States.
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