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Between Gaza and the White House

May 6, 2017 // Al-Khaleej - U.A.E. - Arabic

American policy ... has bet on successive U.S. administrations and now Trump to solve the problem, despite their blatant bias toward the enemy.

Sounds of War

February 26, 2017 // Le Devoir - Canada - French

Overjoyed at being free of Barack Obama and John Kerry, Netanyahu now hopes to lead Trump by the nose.

Israeli-US-Arab Excitement over Gaza

June 14, 2015 // Al-Rai - Kuwait - Arabic

While U.S. forces launched an attack with planes and air raids against the Islamic State terrorist group on behalf of the coalition, the Israeli media remembered that four nonterrorist rockets had dropped near the settlements of Sderot and Ashkelon, close to the borders of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli media then held [Read more]

US-Israel: It’s Divorce!

May 6, 2015 // L'Expression - Algeria - French

A turning point: The United States has, once again, warned Israel that it will lose its support in the U.N. if it persists in its refusal of a “two-state” solution. U.S. Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman announced the warning last Monday before an audience of American Jewish dignitaries. Before her on March 19, [Read more]

Between Protocol and Survival

February 17, 2015 // El Universal - Venezuela - Spanish

The Israeli opposition claims that in the case of Netanyahu going to the United States and infuriating the U.S. president, it is a risk that should not be taken.

Double Standards

October 12, 2014 // Die Welt - Germany - German

How can a democratic society lead a war and conform to international law against terrorists who disregard international law and hide behind civilians? There are only two choices ...
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